Flash Player 8.5 Public Compatibility Release

As Emmy blogged last week, we have just posted a beta version of Flash Player 8.5 targeted at testing compatibility with existing sites. As always, backwards compatibility is one of our primary goals with the Flash Player, and Player 8.5 is no different.

So, take some time to download the player, check your content, and make sure everything is working correctly. If you find issues with existing content, let us know so we can fix them.

Note, if you are already using the Flash Player 8.5 beta from labs, then you can continue to use that build and report any compatibility issues.

You can download this bits, as well as find information on where to report issues from here.

9 Responses to Flash Player 8.5 Public Compatibility Release

  1. bmsv says:

    and what happens with the linux version?

  2. mike chambers says:

    re : linuxWe do not have a linux version of the compatibility test.(although we are working on a linux fp 8.5 player).mike chambersmesh@adobe.com

  3. Wouldee says:

    “Flash Player 8.5 Public Compatibility Release”? What in the hell is that? Your anmes are getting just as bad as Microsoft’s new betas names.

  4. David says:

    Any news / status / updates on the linux player?

  5. mike chambers says:

    >Any news / status / updates on the linux player?Nope, other than we are working on it.mike chambersmesh@adobe.com

  6. Josh says:

    Is there an updated version of the debug player available for OSX? I just downloaded the new 8.5 release from labs, and it’s not the debug version of the player.

  7. Ben Skelton says:

    Any update on a universal binary / intel OS X version?

  8. mike chambers says:

    >Any update on a universal binary / intel OS X version?You can find info on that here:http://weblogs.macromedia.com/emmy/archives/2006/03/flash_player_8.cfmmike chambersmesh@adobe.com

  9. daniel says:

    It’s been several weeks since you commented on a linux release. Do you have any update?