Flex 2 beta videos

I just noticed that we have uploaded some new Videos of the Flex Builder and Flex Framework engineers, demonstrating some of the new features in the beta 2 Flex release on labs.

You can find all of the videos here.

You can download the beta 2 bits of Flex Builder 2, Flex Framework, ActionScript 3 and Flash Player 8.5 from here.

5 Responses to Flex 2 beta videos

  1. Stacy Young says:

    Wish u guys did more of these … particularly one that would highlight differences between builds. Info sticks a lot better than stuff picked up from docs.

  2. Joc says:

    These videos don’t show up on the macbook pro flash player. I get the download countdown and then a blank white screen.

  3. mike chambers says:

    >These videos don’t show up on the macbook pro flash player.Do you have the latest version. We updated the player just the other day.mike chambersmesh@adobe.com

  4. Joc says:

    Took a bit of tracking down, I found it here. http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=2dda3d81Still no joy, unfortunately.

  5. Joc says:

    I probably should have checked this first but it appears that only the first video on the page is exhibiting this behaviour. I don’t know whether that would have been the case with the earlier version of the plugin as I only clicked the first one before.The videos are really nice quality, thanks.