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Flash Player 8.5 Public Compatibility Release

As Emmy blogged last week, we have just posted a beta version of Flash Player 8.5 targeted at testing compatibility with existing sites. As always, backwards compatibility is one of our primary goals with the Flash Player, and Player 8.5 is no different.

So, take some time to download the player, check your content, and make sure everything is working correctly. If you find issues with existing content, let us know so we can fix them.

Note, if you are already using the Flash Player 8.5 beta from labs, then you can continue to use that build and report any compatibility issues.

You can download this bits, as well as find information on where to report issues from here.

New Open Source ActionScript 3 Libraries Posted to Labs

I just updated new builds of the open source ActionScript 3 API libraries that we released. The new builds have been updated to work with the beta 2 release of Flex (Flex Builder 2.0 and MXMLC). Each zip includes the following:

  • library swc
  • API documentation
  • complete source
  • complete FlexUnit test suites

The libraries available include:

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Article on New Features in Flex 2 Beta 2 release

Eric Anderson has written a good overview of some of the new features in the Flex 2 beta 2 release that is on labs right now. This includes

  • Flex Framework 2
  • new and free Flex 2 SDK (which includes the compiler and framework)
  • ActionScript 3
  • Flex Builder 2.0
  • Flash Player 8.5

You can read the entire article here.

You can download all of the bits from labs.

Flex is Free


Flex is Free


Ok. I know that is a little annoying, but I keep seeing fundamental misunderstandings around Flex pricing.

So, just to clarify, the Flex 2 SDK, which includes the Framework, compiler, debugger, docs, etc… will cost nothing. Nada, zilch… You ill be able to build and deploy Flex 2 apps using the framework for absolutely no cost (commercial, non-commercial, semi-commercial, etc…).

Btw, we will also have a completely free version of Flex Data Services (more on that in a seperate post).

So, if you want to start playing with the Flex Framework, then you can head over to labs, and download the beta for (you guessed it) free.

Screenshots : Flow : Flex 2 Mashup Application

I just posted some screenshots of an Flex 2 based application called “Flow” that Christian, Danny and myself have been working on.

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Flex beta 1 to beta 2 Migration

If you haven’t already started playing with the Flex 2 public beta, make sure that you first check out the beta 1 to beta 2 changes / migration document.

We did an API scrub between beta 1 and beta 2 so the names of a lot of the APIs changed.

Also, make sure that you type all method returns, or else you will end up with a ton of warnings. If your method does not return any values, then type the return as void, like so:

public function foo():void
//dont return anything


You can view the document here.

You can download the Flex 2 beta bits (Flex Builder 2, Flex Framework 2, ActionScript 3, FlashPlayer 8.5) from here.

ActionScript 3 Libs and Beta 2

Just a quick note, but we have not yet released beta 2 compatible ZIPs of the ActionScript 3 libraries that we released with beta 1. We need to track down a couple of issues before we can rebuild the zips.

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Flex / ActionScript 3 Development SDK for Mac / Linux

With the release of Flex beta 2 last week, we also added a new SDK only download. This makes it easy to download and install the SDK on Mac, Windows and Linux (no more install on Windows and copy to Mac).

While this does not provide support for Flex Builder, it does allow you to create, compile and debug your applications on Mac, Windows and Linux using your editor of choice (including Eclipse).

You can download the SDK from here.

Flex 2 beta videos

I just noticed that we have uploaded some new Videos of the Flex Builder and Flex Framework engineers, demonstrating some of the new features in the beta 2 Flex release on labs.

You can find all of the videos here.

You can download the beta 2 bits of Flex Builder 2, Flex Framework, ActionScript 3 and Flash Player 8.5 from here.

Google Finance : Flash / Ajax integration

Google just launched a new finance portal, and they are using the Flash / JavaScript integration kit to integrate some Flash charting and Ajax integration.

This is similar to MeasureMap’s use of the kit (MeasureMap was recently acquired by Google). It is a really nice combination of Flash and Ajax, and demonstrates how each can be use in a way that takes advantage of their individual strengths.

You can check out the implementation here.

You can find more info on the Flash / JavaScript integration kit here.