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At Mix 06 this week

I am in Vegas for the Mix 06 conference this week. If you are here for the conference and want to hang out you can reach me at (I will also be at the party tonight).


We announced this during the keynote at FlashForward, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of it.

We have created a wish-apollo mailing list to allow developers to submit ideas, feature requests, and bribes to the apollo team.

What is Apollo? Apollo is a cross platform / device runtime that will allow developers to deploy applications that leverage Flash, HTML and / or PDF to the desktop.

We are in the early stages, so now is the perfect time to send in your comments.

Review of Goowy : Flash / Ajax Mail Client

Discusses a lot of the advantages from the integration of Flash / HTML / Ajax.

Read it here.

Flex 2 Style Explorer is Available

The Adobe Consulting Team has posted a Flex 2 version of their Flex Style explorer.

This is an application that allows you to visually tweak the styles of the Flex components, and then get the resulting CSS to use in your application.

I just finished up working on a highly stylized application with Flex 2. While CSS / Styling support is very good in Flex 2, it can be difficult to figure out just what style does what you need. This application helps solve that problem.

You can view the application, as well as read more about styling in Flex 2 here.

WebDU 2006 Keynote

I am at WebDU in Sydney all week. This is consistently one of my favorite conferences in the year, and this year’s conference looks like it might be the best yet.

I gave the opening keynote this morning, which was a lot of fun, and a real honor for me. I spoke about Macromedia and Adobe joining together, and how I am excited about the opportunities it presents for the Flash Platform.

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