Starting podcast : What would you like to hear?

I think I am going to start up a new podcast pretty soon. I already have an idea what I am going to do on it, but wanted to check here and see what everyone would be interested in hearing about, or who I should invite onto the podcast?

Suggestions? Post them in the comments.

9 Responses to Starting podcast : What would you like to hear?

  1. I would like to heard about Apollo or some Flash 8 – releated stuff.I never heard any podcast so I’m not sure are they just general chit-chats (aka waste of bandwidth/time) or can you really get your hands “dirty” with some subject(s) ?

  2. eokyere says:

    a good balance of (public) personal and professional happenings; talks on where u think flex is headed… when not to use it (u think)… what flex’s competition is (their strong/weak points)

  3. Adobe Apollo, of course ; )

  4. Peter says:

    Here are some suggestions Mike:- the direction the team is taking Blaze, Apollo- impact of the acquisition by Adobe, is it taking Macromedia products into a new direction?- Flex/AJAX bridge- Flex for Mobile- Flash and DRM- MIX conference, thoughts on Microsoft’s ‘experience matters’ approachWhy not try to get Sam Wan on the podcast, should be interesting seeing his solid background with Flash.Looking forward to the podcast!

  5. barry.b says:

    tips and gotchas on flex and ColdFusion integration, inc converting CFC instances to AS classes (as well as a remoting “refresher”)particular attention to setups (paths, etc) and datatypes (converting weak-typed vars to strong; handling null values and “” for dates; why an as3 unitialised int is “0” instead of null)my 2c only.

  6. Igor says:

    Invite Mr. Gross to talk about new features in the new AS3 API and flash player 8.5 support. It would nice to hear those things, anyway post related to Free Flex SDK about licensing and outgoing open source projects.

  7. Phillip Kerman says:

    I think it’s important to concentrate on material that “works” for a podcast… and to avoid stuff that’s better left for text. Time how fast you can read a transcript of most podcasts and you’ll find they’re really a waste of time (to listen to in real time). That’s not to say there’s no good use for podcasting. In fact, when the personality who’s speaking is interesting because they’re a celebrity… or they’re funny… then it’s worth it. Similarly, if you could record something that requires a lot of explanation in text (say, the sounds of nature). I guess my point here is that I’d prefer something that has a very high concentration of information.More specific to the Adobe way… I’d like to hear your CEO more–he’s a good spokesperson. I’d like to hear you all answer “listener” phone calls or emails. You might think about recording a BUNCH of random stuff and edit it down to something interesting. Maybe a few high strung meetings at Adobe (though, I’m sure everything is always very serious there). Maybe some chit-chat in the lunch room. Yeah, this stuff would be boring… but that’s why I say edit it down to the interesting bits.As far as new stuff that’s coming… I don’t know. What exactly would the benefit of HEARING it vs. reading it? If you can answer that question, then include that stuff.Thanks!

  8. Cort says:

    I think it would be interesting to hear from a bunch of the folk working on flex builder2 about eclipse as a general platform, what they see as it’s strengths and weaknesses for doing visualy oriented development, and where they think independent folk who are noodling around with it could focus their efforts in order to create interesting things that won’t duplicate adobe’s efforts and be ‘eclipsed’ by them.Alternatively would be to invite folk who are focused on the business end of development to talk about where they find the best opportunities in the future for different types of development houses, and open source commercial ideas vs traditional commercial ideas. I think there are some folk in your sphere of communication that have pretty good perspective about those issues.Or it would be great to have the flex architects articulate how they imagine good flex apps should be designed and structured and explain their thinking behind the changes to the way that flash works in the 8.5 player, especially with datasets and sprites.I’m on the other end of the spectrum from Philip. I would even love an audio broadcast of some of the documentation. I would listen to it in the background while doing graphic design, production work or simple code. Rather than distract me, podcasts keep my mind occupied enough so that I don’t get boored and stop working to read newsfeeds from some weblog or something. 😀

  9. iuliub says:

    Moving from Flash 8 to Flex is quite a revolution for me, as an AS Programmer.However, the available Flex documentation is scarce.Could you recommend any books or any other web locations apart from macromedia.labs?Thanks,Iuliu