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Weblog Server Maintenance

Just a quick fyi, but we are doing some emergency maintenance on the ColdFusion server on weblogs. During this time, MXNA and some weblogs will not be accessible.

Sorry for the hassle…

Update : Server is back up. For some reason we all of a sudden started hitting a Java error, and had to update the JRE.

Podcast : April 26, 2006

I just posted this week’s podcast

Download Podcast for April 26, 2006

This weeks podcast discusses:

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Input wanted : ActionScript 3 FAQ

I am about to go through and update the ActionScript 3 FAQ on labs to bring it in line with recent changes in the ActionScript 3 and Flex 2 betas. Before I do though, what other questions / answers would you like added to the FAQ?

You can view the current FAQ here.

If you have any suggestions, or find something in the FAQ that is out of date, or needs more info, just post it here.

Example : ActionScript 3 ComputeSpectrum

One of the cool new sound APIs in ActionScript 3, is the SoundMixer.computeSpectrum API. This allows you to get information about sounds currently playing within the player.

Andre Michelle put together a nice example that shows a visualization of the playing sound within the player. I tried to figure out the API from Andre Michelle’s example (some of it was over my head), but with some help from Grant Skinner at FITC, I finally figured it out and put together a simple example that shows how to use the API.

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Flex 2 / ActionScript 3 Command Line Compiler Options

Here is the link to all of the command line options for MXMLC (free command line compiler for Flex 2 and ActionScript 3).

MXMLC Command Line Options

Took me forever to find it, so I am posting in case anyone else needs it.

You can download the compiler from labs.

Four years of Blogging

Just a quick fyi, but today is the four year anniversary of my weblog (at least according to my archives).

Here are some quick stats:

  • Total Posts: 992
  • Total (non-spam) Comments: 6507
  • Comment to Post Ratio : 6.5

You can see the first post here (although it is pretty boring) and a complete list of all posts here.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Flex 2 : Clearing the content of an Image Component

Just a quick tip, but if you need to clear the content of a Flex 2 Image component, just set the source to null:

Here is a simple example

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ActionScript 3 : flash.util.Proxy

Ted Patrick has a good write-up of the new ActionScript 3 flash.util.Proxy class. What is the Proxy class? From the API docs:

The Proxy class lets you override the default behavior of ActionScript operations (such as retrieving and modifying properties) on an object.

The Proxy class is a replacement for the Object.__resolve and Object.addProperty features of ActionScript 2.0, which are no longer available in ActionScript 3.0. The Object.addProperty() feature allowed you to dynamically create get and set methods in ActionScript 2.0. Although ActionScript 3.0 provides get and set methods at compile time, you cannot dynamically assign one to an object unless you use the Proxy class.

Basically, as one of the comments to Ted’s post put it, “this class is like Object.__resolve on steroids”.

You can read the entire post here.

Flex 2 Component : FishEye Menu

Ely Greenfield has put together a cool Flex 2 FishEye menu component (complete with source).

Ely discusses how he is try to show the type of expressive content that can be built with Flex:

One important goal with this component, as with a bunch of things I’ve been working on lately, is to help the community see how you can merge the best of what flex gives you (productivity, development process, consistent component model) with the best of what people have been doing in flash for years (rich, highly interactive, fluid, etc). The SDK’s GUI components provide a lot of value, but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible with Flex. Hopefully these kinds of demos whet your appetite.

You can find more information, as well as view the example and download the source from here.

Incremental Search in Flex Builder 2

Probably one of my favorite features of Firefox is its very intuitive incremental search. In fact, I find it so natural that I often find myself trying to use it in other programs. Luckily, the other program I spend most of my time in (Flex Builder 2) also supports it.

Just type CTRL-j and start typing your search term. The focus in the editor will move to the match as you type. Type CTRL-j to move to the next match, and ESC to exit. The search status is also displayed on the status bar.

What is your favorite Flex Builder keyboard combo? Post them in the comments?