Chart : FlexCoder’s List Historical Post Trends

I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that the volume of posts to the FlexCoder’s list seemed to be increasing. So, in order to confirm this, I put together a quick chart that plots the last two years of post volume to FlexCoders broken down by month.

As you can see, it has definitely been trending up, with a pretty sharp rise since the beginning of the year.View Full Chart:

You can view the source for the chart here (or just right click on the chart).You can find more information on the FlexCoder’s list here.

3 Responses to Chart : FlexCoder’s List Historical Post Trends

  1. Tim Scollick says:

    I think it’ll be interesting to see this chart six months or a year from now, once Flex takes hold. I finally found some time to muck around with Flex 2.0 and it is quite simply, “astounding”.It seems like any feature that I need to add to my application can be done in minutes where it used to take hours (and this is my first time using Flex). This is a spectacular framework that rivals the best of the best (including current framework poster boy Ruby on Rails). Even the documentation is exceptional (and only to get better).

  2. David says:

    Now that you mention charts…Is there any way to dynamically adjust the scale of the chart view? Or will it always “scale to fit” so to speak? (this is specifically for the mx:LineChart in flex 2 charting components)