Incremental Search in Flex Builder 2

Probably one of my favorite features of Firefox is its very intuitive incremental search. In fact, I find it so natural that I often find myself trying to use it in other programs. Luckily, the other program I spend most of my time in (Flex Builder 2) also supports it.

Just type CTRL-j and start typing your search term. The focus in the editor will move to the match as you type. Type CTRL-j to move to the next match, and ESC to exit. The search status is also displayed on the status bar.

What is your favorite Flex Builder keyboard combo? Post them in the comments?

9 Responses to Incremental Search in Flex Builder 2

  1. I use the AMIP plugin for iTunes and mIRC, which means that it catches CTRL-J before Flex does.

  2. jeremy says:

    ctrl-O all the time, a real time saver !btw, mike, are you ready to release the design documents for FLOW ? thanks.

  3. >CTRL-OWoah, that is cool. I didnt know that was there. CTRL-O brings up a small window with an outline of the current file / class. You can then type in an API or select one to go directly to it within the class.Awesome!>btw, mike, are you ready to release the design documents for FLOW ? thanks.We are getting there. I am porting Flow to the next beta, and once everything is working, I will release everything.mike

  4. justin says:

    Ctrl – Shift – L – to open all the shortcutsBut I specifically like:Ctrl + M – maximise edit windowF3 – Over a property or method name: will move to where the property or method name is declaredF4 – Open class type of propertyF5 – Open super typeCtrl + Shift + R – find resourceCtrl + Space (in new build file) – to select an ant build templateCtrl + space – code completionCtrl + H – searching in different filesCtrl + F – traditional find and replaceCtrl + K (Shift) – after Ctrl + F find forward (backwards)Ctrl + J – Incremental searchCtrl + D – delete a whole lineShift + Enter – add an indented new lineCtrl + Space – code completion (if you add yr . classpath and import classes)btw – this is just through using Eclipse – I’m assuming these are all the same for Flex builder?

  5. I like the fact that you can modify any shortcut in Eclipse by going to Window –> Preferences –> General –> Keys. I have mine setup like the Flash environment.CTRL-O is pretty cool!!Thanks.

  6. Brian Riley says:

    CTRL + Shift + O -> Organize imports…removes unnecessary stmts and orgs groups of similar packages.

  7. Brian Riley says:

    CTRL + Shift + O -> Oranize imports. Removes extraneous ones and groups in like packages.-riley

  8. Textmate, my favourite editor for the Mac supports the same thing, too bad I can’t use it with Flex, it’s a fantastic editor.

  9. haleOnEarth says:

    Boy I’d sure love to use that in FlexBuilder Mike, too bad Adobe has neglected Mac OS X Yet Again! Nevertheless, love your stuff Mike, keep up the hard work.