Input wanted : ActionScript 3 FAQ

I am about to go through and update the ActionScript 3 FAQ on labs to bring it in line with recent changes in the ActionScript 3 and Flex 2 betas. Before I do though, what other questions / answers would you like added to the FAQ?

You can view the current FAQ here.

If you have any suggestions, or find something in the FAQ that is out of date, or needs more info, just post it here.

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  1. Serge says:

    Hey Mike,Wanted to check out the FAQ but got redirected to as some other blogging peepz have been reporting today…Serge

  2. Yeah. We are looking into this, and it should be fixed soon.Sorry about the hassle…mike

  3. I can’t access the current FAQ and the Adobe Labs pages. I always get the “Flex 2 and Flash Player 8.5 Public Alpha Notification” page.

  4. Daniel R. says:

    Trying to follow that link brings me to a “Flex 2 and Flash Player 8.5 Public Alpha Notification” form.

  5. Faisal abid says:

    I think they are planning to release beta 3 thats why they are updating Labs

  6. >I think they are planning to release beta 3 thats why they are updating LabsWell, hate to disapoint, but I think something just got messed up.mike

  7. David says:

    The page loads fine for me.My question: How do I get up & running quick using the command-line compilers? A simple hello world example, both with MXML, as well as AS3-Only would be nice. I have a feeling this question will be very common once you start charging for Flex Builder. (also those of us using non-approved platforms who want to compile as well)

  8. iuliks says:

    What about a real modal dialog box in AS3.0 which would actually stop the tread until the user chooses his/her response?

  9. Carly says:

    I would like to see more about how to work with external and embedded assets both in flex and using straight AS3.

  10. Daniel R. says:

    Thanks for working to improve the FAQ. I know I picked up a few things when I was first experimenting with Flex 2. I took another quick skim through the document and came up with a few thoughts:For the “How do I put my class in a package?” I didn’t think multiple classes in the same file was supported anymore?The section on “What are namespaces?” should mention that the namespace replaces the standard access modifier. Might be also good to have an example of overriding a namespace function (ala a subclass of Proxy).The document linked to from “ActionScript 3.0 errors” needs to be written. Also should differentiate between compiler errors and runtime errors.The URLLoader example under “How do I load data from a remote URL” should skip the securityError event handler and instead refer to the docs on the other events that can be thrown like ioError.While it isn’t required, a trailing semicolon on the “a string of XML in code” example would promote good coding style.Maybe include a direct link from the FAQ to the E4X section in the Flex docs. That has good examples for accessing attributes and also doing E4X filtering. Maybe an E4X filtering example would be good to have in the FAQ anyway (probably just lift the one from the docs).A couple of examples under “XML that has one or more namespaces” would be good. It would also be good to introduce the use of the Namespace and QName classes and how those can be used in E4X and when working with XML in general.A link to other docs or a wiki page for “What API do I use for Flash / JavaScript communication?” would be great.Some questions about how events work and that programming model would be good. Maybe a question that talks about the threading model (single threaded but I/O in the background).

  11. Jeff says:

    Does ActionScript 3 support threads?

  12. Josh says:

    How about a question along the lines of “Can I mix ActionScript 2.0 with AS 3.0?” I see this one come up enough in different forums and mailing lists that an answer in the FAQ could be a nice place to direct folks.

  13. Class and packaging requirements/changes. Please; thanks.

  14. Mark Judd says:

    For the FAQ: “Can a class implement multiple interfaces in ActionScript 3.0?” … fill in the “NEED CODE EXAMPLE” part.Related to this: “How do you ‘mixin’ several behaviors into a single class?” (We used to extend via .prototype but now what is the preferred means of adding functionality to classes?)

  15. If Flex2 is going to be more successful than Flex1.5 then there are hopefully going to be some new people who are learning AS3 (not just people who know AS2). There will be people who know Java, people who know C# and people who don’t know any OO environment.Personally I didn’t know AS2 but I do know C#. These are some of the Qs that took me some time to work out:Does “sealed” mean the same in AS3 as it does in C#?How do you cast and convert in AS3? Does AS3 even make a distinction between casting and converting?Are private contructors supported in AS3?What are the members of AS3’s Object type? Does every type in AS3 inherit ToString() from Object like in C#? If not, how do you do ToString()?Is AS3’s “import” the same as C#’s “using” or are they different?Are nested classes allowed?Is there an equivalent in AS3 of C#’s CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture? If not, how do you get AS3’s time, date and formatting methods to take notice of the current locale?How do you format and parse strings to and from scalar data types in AS3?Java guys will presumably have similar FAQs that are Java-specific.