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San Francisco Flex User Group (woot!)

Jennifer Larkin is heading up a push to create a Flex user group in the San Francisco Bay area. If you are in the area and interested in participating or helping out, check out her site, or join the mailing list she has set up.

You can find more information here.

Sweet Real Time News Visualization

Check out this sweet real time news visualization that uses Flash to display news (and where it originates from) in real-time.

You can find more info on the project here.

I would love to hook this up to MXNA.

Apollo Team Job

Well, since all of the other teams have been blogging their open positions, I figured I’d better blog some for the Apollo team before everyone gets hired.

So, here are a couple I found on the Adobe jobs site (hint, search for “Universal”, as in “universal client (hint hint, keywords are case-sensitive)).

Senior Software Engineer – Universal Client Technology

If you are interested, and have the required skill set, then you can apply from the link.

New Features in ActionScript 3

Just a quick fyi, but if you want to get a quick overview of the new features and APIs availabilities in ActionScript 3 and Flash Player 8.5, check out this page on labs which lists all of the new ActionScript 3 features.

My personal favorite? E4X support.

ActionScript 3 : XML Namespaces in E4X

Darron Schall has put up a quick and useful post showing how to use XML namespaces via E4X in ActionScript 3.

E4X is an ECMA standard for working with an manipulating XML, and is the primary way to work with XML within ActionScript 3.

You can view the entire post here.

Upcoming Conferences

Just a heads up but I am going to be attending the following conferences in the next couple of weeks:

FITC Toronto April 21 – 23 (with xbox in tow 😉
Ajax experience San Francisco May 10 – 12th

Im helping out with the keynote and doing a platform panel at FITC in Toronto, and will just be catching sessions at the Ajax experience. If you are going to be at either conference make sure to ping me before hand or find me at the conference.

Podcast : April 5, 2006

As I mentioned last week, I decided to start up a new podcast. Christian and I had done a couple of podcasts together last year, but as they took too much time to produce, we ended up not having time to do very many. My podcast will be a little less polished, but hopefully I will be able to do them a little more consistently.

I have just uploaded the first podcast.

Download April 5, 2006 Podcast

Topic covered in this podcast include:Post any suggestions and questions on the podcast in the comments.

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Flex 2 Example / Source : Textfield auto-completion

Sho has put together a Flex 2 example that shows how to implement textfield auto-completion within a Flex application.

You can view the entire example, as well as grab the source from here.

fyi : my toblog tag

Just a quick fyi. I have a created a tag named “toblog” which contains items that I plan on blogging when I get some time. Since I don’t always have time to blog right when I want to, you can use this page / feed to see which items that I will be blogging soon.

Basically, a Mike Chambers’ blog sneak peak.

You can view my toblog tag here.

You can grab the RSS feed for the tag here.

Open Review : ActionScript 3 Libraries

I am working on an ActionScript 3 library for the online API. I have most of the stub code written, and documented. Before I really start writing the code, I wanted to get feedback on the current API, and see if any one had any comments and / or suggestions.

I have posted the API docs online, and you can use those to review the API. does not have a crossdomain.xml file, so I still need to figure out to best way to allow the user of the API to specify a proxy for the class to use (when necessary).

You can view the API docs here.

Btw, I will be posting the final version to labs under an open source license.

Anyways, post any questions or suggestions in the comments.