Example : Using ANT with COMPC to compile SWCs

Following up on my previous post on how to use compc to compile SWCs, here is an ANT build file that calls compc to compile a SWC:

[code]Building ${swcFile}[/code]Put this in a file called build.xml, and run ant in the same directory.

7 Responses to Example : Using ANT with COMPC to compile SWCs

  1. Cool thanks! I will try this later!

  2. Cool Mike!This kind of info is very needed to many people that wants to start using flex, but don’t want to invest in the IDE or FDS2 at the moment, but sure that, as they’ll introduce the technology in their clients and business, they’ll go to productivity tools.

  3. Elango says:

    Hi,Can you please provide ant script for compiling a swf file using COMPC.ThanksRegardsElango

  4. Sven Busse says:

    Hi,by the way, what happens to FlashCommand? Does it also work with Flash8? Because it would be nice to have some ant capability there too.

  5. Abdul Qabiz says:

    FlashCommand works with Flash 8. I have been using it lately and infact, I found a issue and fixed it.I have also added some functionality in FlashCommand, I would release in sometime if Mike gives me permission to release it, since it his code :)Mike, this ANT script can be more generic to compile SWC for different class, you just need to use user.properties file or make params more generic.-abdul

  6. Derin Zerr says:

    Abdul, which issue did you fix? We’re looking at a massive export of files and wondering if there is going to be a gotcha. Is there a newer version of FlashCommand (newer than .85) somewhere out there?

  7. judah says:

    Is there a chance you could create a test mxml component to go with this? I keep running into errors when I try to get this to work with my component.