FlashForward Podcasts

Woah! Just noticed that the FlashForward conference has been producing a podcast. It looks like they have done about 10 thus far, and most of them consist of Lynda Weinman talking with some of the top Flash developers and designers.

Interviews so far include:

  • Branden Hall
  • James Patterson
  • Robert Rheinhardt
  • Chapman Brotherrs of homestarrunner.com
  • Craig Swann

This is definitely one to keep an eye (ear?) on.

You can find more information on the podcasts, as well as how to subscribe to them on the FlashForward blog.

3 Responses to FlashForward Podcasts

  1. jeff cannon says:

    They also have their speaker list up on their site now, as well as a list of sessions and workshops. It’s looking like a great program in Austin for September.

  2. How come with all the new fab stuff coming out from Adobe the last Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast was on 28th July 2005?

  3. Thinking about it, why don’t you do an Adobe Developer Relations Podcast about the PDF “dispute” with Microsoft. You could do it as a debate between yourself and someone from Microsoft. Alternatively why don’t you volunteer to do a show on .NET Rocks to get Adobe’s position accross to .NET developers! I can guarantee you’d break the record in downloads!