Open Source ActionScript 3 Libraries Updated

In addition to new beta builds of Flash Player 9, Flex Builder 2, and Flex 2, we have also posted updated versions of the open source ActionScript 3 libraries to labs.

These libraries include a number of changes:

  • Updated to work with beta 3
  • Some API renaming (mostly in corelibs : com.adobe.utils)
  • Removed some redundant APIs (mostly in com.adobe.utils)
  • Fixed bug where events where not being documented in docs

In regards to removing some APIs. We removed a couple of APIs that had equivalent APIs in the Player of Flex Framework. So, if you can’t find an API you were using, just check the Player and Framework docs.The libraries include:

  • Complete Source
  • Complete API docs
  • Compiled SWCs

and are released under an open source license.We have the following libraries available:

  • corelib
  • FlexUnit
  • Flickr
  • Mappr
  • RSS and Atom libraries
  • Odeo
  • YouTube

which you can download from the labs wiki, as well as browse the source in the labs subversion source repository. (You can find info on how to check out the source from here.)You can find more information, as well as view the complete docs, and download all of the libraries from here.

8 Responses to Open Source ActionScript 3 Libraries Updated

  1. Awesome. My Flex 2 training is this week in Venice, and I can’t wait to play with those libraries.

  2. Arpit says:

    Very cool.I have another issue with the sound object in beta 3, with my sound not playing at all even with the code on the as3 documentation site. I would really appreciate if you would update your compute spectrum example to beta 3 and see if it works.thanks

  3. >I have another issue with the sound object in beta 3Can you send me an example mp3 that doesnt work? I will test it and see if I can reproduce (we just fixed some issues around mp3 sound playback).mike

  4. Quentin says:

    Hi there!Where can we post Flex 2 beta 3 bugs? I have found some weird stuff about the mx:Repeater but can’t find a page (on Adobe Labs) to report it…

  5. PsiliPharm says:

    Apparently, the link to download isn’t redirecting properly!

  6. dom says:

    I don’t know if I am using the latest version of corelib, but it seems that DateUtil.toW3CDTF has a bug on the month.current code is :if(month

  7. mike chambers says:

    Dom,Thanks for the report. It looks like it might be a bug. We will check it out and make sure it is fixed for the next release (which should be soon).mike

  8. vaibhav Pawar says:

    var s:Sound = new Sound();var sc:SoundChannel;var ba:ByteArray = new ByteArray();var array:Array = new Array();s.load(new URLRequest(“mix.mp3”));;this code is correct to playing mp3 songs in flash 9.i found one problem in flash 9. when i’m playing mp3 songs with this code in FLash 9 that time song ‘ll not playing complete end length of mp3.