What new features / changes do you want for MXNA?

Well, it looks like we are finally going to do a new round of development on MXNA. We already have a long list of fixes and changes we are planning on doing (based on user feedback). We have some cool ideas, but before we get started, we want to hear from you.

So, what new features or changes to you want added to MXNA?

Post your requests in the comments.

33 Responses to What new features / changes do you want for MXNA?

  1. joão Fernandes says:

    Flex 2 interface?How about FDS to update all clients when new feeds are available?

  2. Howard Heflin says:

    Please keep in mind that not all users have highspeed internet connections. Flex2 is wonderful; but between Flex and Flash, many websites are becoming user unfriendly for a very large portion of the worlds user community that still uses dial-up connections.

  3. Josh says:

    The abililty to block certain feeds from appearing when I log in.

  4. A totally awesome feature, of course, would be to personalise the whole thing. I’d like to leave out certain blogs and extra-highlight others. Maybe bookmark some posts. There’s a ton of things to be thought off. Though I think that would be just a little bit too much :-)What I think would be realistic, however, is a wap/gprs/umts/mobile phone feature where I can check the headlines with my mobile phone from the train. You know, those dutch trains you show off in your header. :-p

  5. >What I think would be realistic, however, is a wap/gprs/umts/mobile phone feature where I can check the headlines with my mobile phone from the train.Check it out:http://weblogs.macromedia.com/mxna/mobile/We are going to update this so that the nav doesn’t take up as much space.mike chambersmesh@adobe.com

  6. Ben Siegler says:

    Mike,To be honest, I don’t know what MXNA is, but I would love a way to apply the size and coordinate settings in Flash to any number of objects OTHER than the original. In other words, to click a button to “save” my current width, height, _x and _y numbers and then click on a new object and have those settings apply to it.Thanks so much,Ben Siegler

  7. Josh Tynjala says:

    Make the web service and flashvars service calls more consistent. In some cases, I have to look up a feed name with its ID or a category name from its ID. In other cases, both the name and ID are included in the result.

  8. I’m on the same tangent of fav/unwanted feeds.Threads for similar subject lines, perfect for when Adobe staff all pumps something, seeing 10 posts listed with the same subject gets me all disoriented.:P

  9. Bazard says:

    This might be obvious but MXNA –> AXNA(Adobe XML News Aggregator)

  10. David Lakein says:

    Suggestion about MXNA Firefox extension:This may already be in the list for that, but would be really helpful to be able to limit to certain categories in the extension’s preferences, especially after the merger – even more different audiences.A Developer may want to limit their list to just CF and Flex related entries, others might only want Dreamwaver/Photoshop entries, etc.Thanks

  11. Leif says:

    How about a John Dowdell filter: a filter that prevents John’s relevent and insightful posts from pushing my posts down both in popularity and down the page. ;-)Or…How about a for people to chose favorite blogs so that they are listed differently or highlighted some way?And how does the rating system work for MXNA? Am I allowed to rate things? Or is there some magical math working?Leif

  12. David Mendels says:

    Hi,My top request is really simple: On the web page, I want to be able to view 50 or 100 feeds in a page instead of having the page through 10 feeds at a time.Second: I’d replace the recent searches area of the screen with most popular in last 24 hours so one can always see that.Third: have a visible and easy way anyone can suggest new blogs to add to the aggregator.Fourth: in addition to being able to subscribe to RSS feeds, add the ability to subscribe to email newsletter based on a smart search and set frequency (eg. daily, weekly.)Fifth: ability to tag feeds and highlight or color them. Eg. if I want to make sure I never miss a post from your site, set a preference to highlight that as a favorite or color it when it shows up.sixth: have it render better on my blackberry.-David

  13. Ash says:

    How about a personal ratings system where higher rated blogs are emphasized and low rated blogs are hidden with a short summary until expanded (like digg’s comment system).Unrated blogs will probably just show up as normal 🙂

  14. I would like to see a new, user friendly name since no one, other than those blogging on it or die hards, even know what it is or means. How about something as simple as blog, ablog (Adobe Blog) or anewsblog (Adobe News Blog). Words like “Aggregation” and “XML” are great, but not too many in the “real world”, again other than those described above, really know or care what it is or means. This is based on my experience with various focus groups. What are your thoughts?

  15. Saeed Ashour says:

    Add arabic translation

  16. Tim Scollick says:

    I would love to see a Digg-ish user voted favourite list. There is so much off topic content on MXNA, I barely read it anymore. I used to read it a few times a day, but 70% of it is not quality content anymore.

  17. +1 for User Friendly Name+1 for Blocking some feeds(I’m gonna block anyone who blogs episodes of Lost that haven’t hit the UK yet 😉 )

  18. Mario says:

    to be able to jump from page 1 to page 10 without clicking “next page ten times” 🙂

  19. rd says:

    As others have said:* Voting* Highlight and Remove blogs that I don’t like* Better name than ANXA!* I’m not sure we need a flex version… but perhaps some updated stats pages with some flex dashboard* Most importantly don’t do anything that ruins the already available ease of use* A personal one that I’ve thought about for a while… give syndicated blogs some kind of keyword they can use that tells MXNA NOT to syndicate that message (like something we know no one in the coding world would care about, but is important to our lives).

  20. nz says:

    Red and white color scheme (to make it more like Adobe)Add feeds to show updated stuff fromhttp://www.thefwa.com/andhttp://www.adobe.com/cfusion/showcase/index.cfmpodcast/video interviews added to “smart category” so we can listen to mike while we browse around the site.

  21. would be nice if the blogger could stop certain blogs entries from being picked up if he felt them less relevant to the grander scheme of MXNA… maybe by putting a code/string at the start of their blog entry!

  22. zeh says:

    thatblokemike: Well, what the smart categories try to do is exactly that. Although it’s a little hard to judge; once I did a post that was 100% Flash oriented and it didn’t got picked up by the “Flash” category.. because I didn’t mention the word “Flash” on it.Overall, I think I’d agree to most people – having the ability to remove (or promote) certain blogs would be the best new feature to MXNA. I’m uncertain of how that could work since I use MXNA’s RSS feed and rarely visit the page though… that’d require customized feeds.

  23. sascha/hdrs says:

    I’d like my blog to appear on MXNA again!Also features for editing an entry later would be good, for example if the feed URL changed etc.

  24. YouKnowWho says:

    It would be great if you would reply to peoples e-mails, I know you are busy, but it is very disheartening when one writes and no reply is ever recieved, and then one writes and no reply is ever recieved, and then one writes and no reply is ever recieved, etc.

  25. pete says:

    Haven’t read others requests, so may have been mentioned, but i’d like to rss subscribe to the most popular posts on a day by day basis, and it’d be cool to specify how many, like the most read 40 posts for example. Cheers.

  26. Martin Kristensen says:

    LAYOUT.A new layout, maybe with colums for every catagories (flash, Dreamweaver, photoshop etc.).I really like http://www.popurls.com´s layout. – Im able to quickly get an overview and find the topics, that i´m interested in. Maybee something like that!It would be Phat, to be able to tag your favorite blogs, and have those highlighted in some way.

  27. tkane2000 says:

    Please get rid of this bug:”The name of this class, XXX, conflicts with the name of another class that was loaded XXX.”as detailed here:http://www.epresenterplus.com/blog/archives/000030.htmlit’s killin’ me!thanks!

  28. punk says:

    MXNA is great, try to make it even better :)i’d like the ability to customize the page’s layout and contents like on those “ajax” sites i.e. : netvibes.com, etc…cheers

  29. iuliub says:

    wouldn’t be a flex interface the apropriate way of displaying flex blogs?

  30. The ability to get the entire post through RSS, not just the first few sentences would be great. I know Sho’s posts come in like that and it’s create to be able to read them much like a regular email in my Thunderbird Inbox.-MB

  31. Brian Lesser says:

    Improve Performance. I know there are lots of good features you could add but my number one request is to improve the over-all performance of the system. Less page turning (because there are more items on a page) would help but improving performance might come down to replicating your database across numerous machines and scaling with more application servers.Cheers,-Brian

  32. Keith Peters says:

    I have MXNA as a netvibes feed. The RSS only pulls in the last 15 posts. Not sure if this is configurable, but it would be nice to be able to pull more. On a busy day, that may be just the last hour or two.