You can use Flex 2 on Mac!

Just a quick reminder, that the Flex 2 Beta is available on Mac. Just grab the Flex 2 SDK , which contains the compiler and framework.

You can download the SDK from here.

Sorry for the repeat post, but I keep seeing people indicating that they don’t know that the SDK is avaliable on Mac.

4 Responses to You can use Flex 2 on Mac!

  1. Peter Baird says:

    Also, another reminder, as I always see people mentioning the Flex SDK on a Mac, but it’s also worth noting that the Java version of Flex Data Services (the flex server), runs on Jrun 4 on a mac, and is quite zippy compared to a command line compile. It’s great!

  2. barry.b says:

    isn’t the Flash Remoting Update for CF/Flex 2.0 connectivity still only for windows machines?and any news on the swt/awt bridge to allow flexbuilder 2.0 to run on macs?

  3. Thomas McGee says:

    Hi Mike,Flex 2 seems to be very impressive. I’m also quite happy with the documentation I’ve seen so far.I’m working on a Mac, and I’d like to have the Flex mxml DTD so that I can create a language bundle for TextMate.Is there a DTD available for mxml, and would Adobe make it public?Thanks in advance for any information you might be able to offer, and great work on Flex 2.-tj mcgee

  4. mike chambers says:

    No. Unfortunately, there is currently no DTD or schema for mxml.mike