Flex Builder on Mac info

Matt Chotin has posted a FAQ on the Flex Team blog with information on Flex Builder for the MAC. Basically, we are working on it, and plan to have something on labs this year.

You can read the entire FAQ as well as leave feedback here.

3 Responses to Flex Builder on Mac info

  1. marco says:

    That’s very goon news!!!

  2. bpt349 says:

    Wise man says, “He who relies on sun-dried bricks for nourishment, is he who enjoys himself the fool for others.Any idea why Adobe is so adamant about pushing Flex 2 via sizeable ad banners on MacDevCenter.com? Makes litte sense to me.Is anyone else starting to feel that the whole Adobe-Apple; Flex-Mac thing is iinsufferably disproportionate and bordering on the ridiculous?Owning an additional win-box or running Parallels is of utter insignificance in regards to running Flex Builder.For many of us, the creative process along with production methodologies are greatly enhanced and sometimes further inspired by the Macintosh itself. Enduring the drabness of Windows simply for access to select Adobe technologies is a sacrafice I’m sure few Mac-based Artsans would make. And believe it when I refer to most professional, Mac-based developers as Artists, for a fair number are digital-da Vinci’s (myself humbly excluded, but not my associates); with many more well on thei way.It’s both the chicken and the egg: people that can see things that other’s cannot, are often drawn to the Mac for similarily intrinsic reasons. At the same time, the Mac inspires many of it’s users, to see and experience so many things in so many new ways.Since the primary reasons for OS X-based developes refusing to welcome Windows into their workflow are’t financial obstacles nor ability or accessibility related, Adobe’s only solid option for maximizing their ROI on their MacDevCenter ads, is to quit treating Mac-based Developers as second-class citizens and plain and simply, start to deliver.I have a hard time trusting Adobe anymore, which makes it infinitely harder to suggest Adobe solutions to clients. We’re not leaving our Macs, nor are we going to fail to deliver because we can’t rely on Adobe.I find it an odd strategy indeed that Adobe chooses to neglect any demographic comprised essentially of Adobe representatives. After all, many of us are the ones who either advocate or discourage Adobe solutions. Not only do many of us still not have access to rapid Flex development tools, but even when we do, we need time to learn it, practice it, and eventually perfect it before suggestiing it as any sort of option for client projects.The moral of the story is, when you treat us like second class citizens, you’re also treating our customers the same way; and I don’t know of many businesses that can succeed shile doing so (apparently Adobe excluded).Our numbers may currently be small in comparison Windows users, but our dedication, passion, involvement, advocacy, and respect for responsive, innovative, and high quality technology, intellectual design, companies and their people, should be fairly obvious. There are few, if any good reasons why any company would not want to recruit this segment of Developers as product evangelists, simply by (at the very least) treating them the same as the majority of it’s customers.