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fyi : My FlashForward Apollo Session has moved

Just a quick fyi, but the Apollo session that I am doing in a couple of weeks at FlashForward Austin has been moved from Thursday to Tuesday (right after the keynote).

You can find the listing here, as well as view the entire conference schedule here.

It looks like this is shaping up to be another classic FlashForward, so if you haven’t registered yet, hurry and do so before it is too late.

Christian Cantrell is also doing a session on Apollo, so there is pleny of Apollo love to go around.

Podcast : August 28, 2006

This weeks podcast includes an update on Apollo, Fall conferences discussing Apollo, and ActionScript / JavaScript performance numbers.

Download Podcast for August 28 , 2006

This weeks podcast discusses:

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Tutorial : Flex 2 and AMFPHP

Mike Potter has written an article showing how to get started with using Flex 2 with AMFPHP.

You can read the entire article here.

Apollo, London, Tonight

Andrew Shorten will be presenting on Apollo tonight at the London Flash Platform User Group meeting.

Andrew will be giving an update on Apollo (and maybe a demo or two) as well as answering questions.

You can find more info on the meetinghere.

You can find more info on Apollo here.

E4X : Retrieving a sibling of a node

One of the advantages of XML is that you can easily represent related information with a parent / child relationship. This makes it easy to parse, and understand. However, some XML formats (such as Apple’s plist format), represent relationships via proximity on the same level.

For example, one way to represent name / value pairs in XML could be:

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todo plugin for Flex Builder 2

One of the features that I really hoped would get into Flex Builder 2.0 was the ability to track todo items in my code. This didn’t make the cut for 2.0, but luckily Flex Builder is built on top of Eclipse, which is very extensible. Sho pointed me toward this todo Flex Builder extension built by Dirk Eisman, which does exactly what I need.

After installing the plugin, any comments that start with todo:

//todo: need to implement this function

will automatically get added to the task list. This makes it super simple to keep track of what needs to be done in your code.

You can find more information on the plugin, as well as download it from here.

AsDoc (AS3 Doc Generating Tool) on Labs

We just released a version of AsDoc on labs. AsDoc is a tool that generates API documentation from ActionScript 3 classes. It is the tool we use the generate the Flex 2 and AS3 API docs, as well as all of the ActionScript 3 open source library docs.

You can find more information, as well as download the bits from the AsDocs Labs page.

Video of Flash 10 Year Anniversary Party at Adobe in San Francisco

I have just uploaded a video of some of the Flash 10 Year Anniversary party from last night (held at Adobe / former Macromedia HQ in San Francisco).

The clip includes birthday wishes from Strongbad, and Nectarine and some comments from Kevin Lynch and the guys from Big Spaceship.

You can view the complete video here.

Highlights of the night included a birthday greeting for Flash from Strong bad, Flashtinis, and Halo into the night.

You can find more info on the anniversary and history of Flash here.

Sorry about the crappy quality.

Special Podcast : History of Flash

This week I have a special edition of my podcast. It is a recording of an online discussion myself, Mike Downey, Kevin Lynch and Eric Whitman had on the history of Flash. Originally recorded on August 9th, 2006.

Download Podcast

You can find more information on the Flash 10 Year anniversary here.

You can watch the Breeze presentation that this podcast was recorded from here.

You can subscribe to the podcast via my RSS 2.0 feed.

What we’re trying to do with Flash

What we’re trying to do with Flash is create a feature-rich run time that’s consistent across all of the platforms. That’s something that has not been the reality for other web technologies. Browsers have not been consistent — even the Java Virtual Machine is rarely consistent on different platforms. For the past 10 years, we’ve been able to say, ‘Here is a technology and a set of tools that allow you to create content once, then deliver it to a wide variety of platforms and know that it’s going to work consistently.’

Quote from Mike Downey in Wired via JD