Apollo FAQ Translated to Russian

Check this out, Michael Klishin has translated the Apollo Developer FAQ into Russia.

You can view the translated FAQ here.

You can view the original english verrsion of the FAQ here.

Anyone know of any other translations out there? If so, post links in the comments.

3 Responses to Apollo FAQ Translated to Russian

  1. Mike, you have 2 typos in this post 😉 Cheers!

  2. Mike, I’m so glad you noticed how proactive is Russian Flash Community.BTW, Russian flash / flex community have started translation of Flash documentation to Russian from very Flash 5 and keep translation process live with every new version. There’s a lot of tranlated docs. Links:Flash 5 Docs translated to Russian:http://www.vmstudio.com/materials.php?ruhelp (this is Vitaly ‘VM’ Manakov’s site, he’s the starter and editor of first translations, as well as founder of “Russian Flash News” mail conference in May 20, 1999 (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/russian-flash-news/)Flash MX Documentation translated to Russian:http://www.vmstudio.com/materials.php?flash_mxMacromedia Flash MX 2004 Docs Russian Translation at animac.ruhttp://www.animac.ru/modules.php?name=News&file=view&news_id=237(The main reason why Flash 8 Docs Russian translation is still unfinished is quick appearing of Flex 2 Alpha :-)What I really want to say — Russian Flash Community is dreaming for a long time when Macromedia/Adobe will start providing Russian Docs, because bad knowledge of English is the main headache for many Russian Flash developers including famous as Ivan Dembicki (http://sharedfonts.com/), author of the world-wide popular Flash solutions like his Path, Bezier, Shape classes and so on (I’m silent about huge popularity of his Shared Fonts Manager and he’s also a flash programmer of Conclave Obscurum site, the winner at FlashForward 2005 (http://www.flashforwardconference.com/past_winners).When Adobe will start providing big Russian Flash / Flex Community with Russian Docs?We are translating Flash Docs for 5 years to Russian for free but the process of translation is pretty slow because there’s not very much of spare time and translators are professional developers with their jobs.Please note: translation into Russian automatically solves the language problem not only for the developers from Russia country, but also for every developer living in every country from former USSR; they are:* Ukraine* Belarus* Armenia* Georgia* Latvia* Estonia* Lithuania* Moldova* Tadzhikistan* Kazakhstan* Kyrgyzstan* Tadzhikistan* Turkmenistan* Uzbekistan* AzerbaijanSo if only Adobe provide developers from these countries with Russian Documentation, the revenue from selling Flex / Apollo to countries from former USSR will increase.How we can help Adobe with forcing translation Flash / Flex / Appollo docs to Russian?

  3. Mike, I’m not language expert, but it seems to be something like Adobe Apollo FAQ Chinese Translation.