Offline for a while

Just a quick fyi, but I have a bunch of stuff going on right now (everything is cool), so I am going to be hard to reach for the next couple of days. I will try to keep up with emails, but it may take me a while to get back to you.

Btw, this post is retroactive to last Sunday. I should be back up to speed sometime next week.

3 Responses to Offline for a while

  1. CarOOso says:

    A question for when you come back:is there any chance to have RecordSet class in Flex? We made a lot of of work with it in AS2 projects (what if they must be upgraded?)… Bye!

  2. Timothy Johnson says:

    Sorry Mike, but I don’t know who to ask this question to…where is the mac-intel version of the Flash 9 player Debug version. Everytime I download the debug version, it tells me it is PPC only, and directs me to the regular plugin page.

  3. asdev says:

    Hi Mike,I have put in a call to Adobe Sales, but if you direct me on what Adobe product to use for dynamic Server Side compilation of AS2/3 that would greatly help – i.e – legal *server-side* use of the FLEX SDK, mxmlc etc … I do not need any of the FLEX charting addons etc. I am looking at having several hundred concurrent users. Due to prejudiced reasons, I do not intend to use any Red[mond|wood city] products in our offering and am looking seriously at Adode.I can send you more details in a private email if required.Thanks