Public Apollo Conference Session Calendar

As you may have noticed, there are quite a few conferences coming up this fall with sessions on Apollo. To help create track of these and other Apollo sessions, I have create a public Google Calendar which I will update to include all public sessions, user group meetings, etc on Apollo.

Here are the links:

If you know of any sessions / conferences that I missed, or if you are planning a user group or other meeting about Apollo, make sure to send me an email ( so I can add it to the calendar.

You can find more info on Apollo at:

9 Responses to Public Apollo Conference Session Calendar

  1. Maybe you can send us some stuff we can show off for our next Coldfusion Usergroup here in Brisbane, Australia? There is a lot of interest in Flex, and I’m sure everyone would like to see Apollo in action. We should be (Just need to double check our presenter is still ok) having a session on Flex/Coldfusion at our next Usergroup meeting at the start of next month.CheersGareth.

  2. keith peters says:

    Your FiTC stuff is a day off. You have it on the 4th, but it’s actually the 5th. Scared me there for a minute – thought I was flying in a day late!

  3. miek chambers says:

    Good catch. I updated the date.mike

  4. mike chambers says:

    >This link above is not working…Thanks. I fixed the link (typo).mike

  5. William from Lagos says:

    “”,…. kinda cool:)

  6. William from Lagos says:

    Besides, when will your next podcast be released?

  7. Thanks Mike for the calender, it gave me inspiration for a little application. A google calender displayer. Here it is:

  8. David McGraw says:

    What special hooks are being built to support the ColdFusion community. If Apollo becomes a very successfull product, which I believe it will be. It would be nice to have some built in special features just for CF. It will increase exposure, sales, and show the CF community that you are dedicated to developing opportunities for us in the workforce.