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Apollo Pictures from Max on Flickr

Lots of posts today. Here is a Flickr link showing a bunch of images tagged with max and apollo. You can images of a bunch of apps, including the eBay and myspace apps, and the PictureThis app I am working on (There is also a shot of one of the Apollo t-shirts that some people scored at the conf).

You can view the images here.

Apollo Ascension Pictures Uploaded

I have uploaded some screen shots of the Ascension mp3 Apollo application that I (and Jeremy Clark) have been working on (and which we showed at Max).

This is a Flex / HTML based application that runs on top of Apollo. I plan on releasing this as an open source project (and actively manage it, once Apollo is up on labs).

I am going to try and post next week to show some of the Apollo specific code / apis being used in the app.

Apollo Info URL

Just a quick note, but we have created an easy to remember URL for finding information on Apollo.

This will always point to the latest information on Apollo.

Free Apollo Online Seminar Next Week

If you are interested in Apollo or want to find out what all of the buzz is about, make sure to check out the free online presentation on Apollo that I am doing next week.

Here are the details:

Understanding Apollo
Thursday, November 2, 2006
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM US/Eastern

I will be giving an overview of Apollo, demonstrate how to build a simple application, and show off some of the new stuff we sneaked at Max (including HTML support).

You can find more information, as well as register here.

Digital Editions is not an Apollo Application

We launched a new project on labs the other day called Digital Editions. What is Digital Editions? From the site:

Adobe Digital Editions is a completely new way to read and manage eBooks and other digital publications. Digital Editions is built from the ground up as a lightweight, rich Internet application (RIA). Digital Editions works online and offline, and supports both PDF and XHTML-based content.

Basically, this is (currently) a Windows only executable that integrates Flash and PDF to create a rich application for reading eBooks. Really cool stuff.

There seems to be a lot of questions and confusion over whether this is an Apollo application. It is NOT an Apollo application (The fact that it is currently Windows only should be a tip off). This is covered in the FAQ, but I wanted to make a post to help clear up some of the confusion.

You can find more information on Digital Editions here.

You can find more information on Apollo here.

Apollo Desktop Wallpapers Uploaded

Another quick fyi, but I just uploaded some Apollo Desktop Wallpapers that I created. You can grab them from the Apollo Wiki on Labs.

These are the original PNGs with layers so you can edit them. I have also uploaded some vector art if you want to make your own wallpapers. (if you do, post them in the comments, maybe we will have another contest).

You can download the wallpapers from here.

Apollo FAQ Updated

Just a quick fyi, but I updated the Apollo FAQ on the labs wiki with new information about the HTML engine within Apollo.

You can view the FAQ here.

Apollo at Max

Wow! Tons of info on Apollo today (keynote, 3 sessions, birds of a feather, Maxup). The team has been blown away by how excited people have been about Apollo here (they had to turn people away from some of the Apollo sessions because they were so packed).

Anyways, I will have more posts soon going over all of the new information, but in the mean time, make sure to check out the Apollo Smart category at MXNA. It has tons of posts on Apollo, and notes from today’s sessions.

Apollo MXNA Smart Category

You can find more information on Apollo here.

webDU call for Papers

This is a can’t miss conference (one of my favorites every year). I am planning on being down there talking about Apollo.

Conference Dates: 21-23 March 2007
Conference Venue: The Hilton, Sydney Australia

More info here.

New Apollo Screenshots and Information

Ryan Stewart sat down with Kevin Lynch a couple of weeks ago, and got a first hand tour of an early build of Apollo. Ryan’s has written up some of his impressions, and has posted some new screenshots and information on Apollo.

(You can view the digg link for the article here).

You can view the full post here.