New Apollo Screenshots and Information

Ryan Stewart sat down with Kevin Lynch a couple of weeks ago, and got a first hand tour of an early build of Apollo. Ryan’s has written up some of his impressions, and has posted some new screenshots and information on Apollo.

(You can view the digg link for the article here).

You can view the full post here.

2 Responses to New Apollo Screenshots and Information

  1. Nick Evgeniev says:

    It’s nice to see adobe effort to promote apollo, though I can’t see any benefit of apollo over java se. As, for example:1. Any AS application ought to be single threaded2. There are no enough libraries to write really complex applications with apollo.On other side I liked flex2/as3 approach as it fills the niche supposed for java applets very well. The only real drawback I can see in flex2 environment is lack of actionscript code refactoring support, though it was requested by many people on feature gathering phase.As result actionscript code is difficult to maintain in real life projects, though it’s fine for single person teams and small projects (but it’s definitely not what Adobe wants to see).Thus my point is that refactoring support in flex2 should be much more important to Adobe than awkwardly positioned apollo.

  2. Delixe says:

    For anyone interested and concerned with Apollo development a new forum has been launched just for the community, take a look and join in on this new technology–be one of the first to soak it up: