Apollo FAQ Translated to Russian

Michael Klishin has translated the Apollo FAQ into Russian.

This is an unofficial translation (since I cant read Russian to check it), but from a quick glance, it looks spot on.

Anyone know of any other translations of the official Apollo FAQ?

6 Responses to Apollo FAQ Translated to Russian

  1. Mike Potter says:

    I think the last question has the best answer:31, I want to send fidbek on FAQ!On all these questions write football shirt Chemberzu.Thanks for the link football shirt! :)Mike

  2. Yakov Fain says:

    I can read Russian. Technically, this translation is correct, but it uses Russian’s programmer’s jargon, which makes the tone of this translation a bit less official than the original.Regards,Yakov

  3. Paulius Uza says:

    I agree with what Yakov Fain said.

  4. Victor hugo says:

    do you need volunteer to translate this faq in spanish?