Apollo FAQ Translated to Portuguese

Hot on the heels of the Russian translation of the Apollo FAQ, Leonardo Franco emails me to let me know that he has translated the Apollo FAQ into Portuguese. Sweet!

You can view the translated FAQ here.

4 Responses to Apollo FAQ Translated to Portuguese

  1. Looks like it has a lot of translation errors, maybe he used some kind of online translator (Google or something like that), so in the end isn’t a good translation but a good start.Best regards.Dedé Villela

  2. wendelmaques says:

    Hi Dedé, I contacted Leo to help in the translation, we are now rewriting and revising all the FAQ and we publish shortly a new and better FAQ in Portuguese. We try to maintain the Oficial FAQ and pt-BR FAQ synchronized.

  3. PeterMQ says:

    Im sorry to say, but thats not Portuguese, thats brasilian…wich is not very correct. To translate it correctly you need to ask a portuguese.

  4. Paulo Moreira says:

    Sorry to say it but: first of all you cannot call it Portuguese translation in my opinion, since is in Portuguese(Brazilian).And it got some errors and it got lots of brazilian expressions that are not used in portuguese. So you have a good start of a Portuguese (Brazilian) translation.If you need help with the portuguese translation give me a shout.