Video : Christian Cantrell Showing some Apollo Apps

I have just uploaded a 10 minute video interview / discussion with Christian Cantrell of the Apollo team. Christian talks about his role on the Apollo team, and shows some Flex / HTML applications that he has been working on.

View on Google Video

Download High Resolution mp4 of the video (100 megs).

You can find more information on Apollo here.

FYI, this is our first video, so we are still working out some of the kinks.

4 Responses to Video : Christian Cantrell Showing some Apollo Apps

  1. This is great!! I’m glad to see that Adobe is finally letting the development community know that Apollo is for more than just building MP3 players. For a moment there I was thinking about switching to the WPF/E(Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) bandwagon. But this gives new hope that Apollo might be a killer SDK after all. Please keep us posted.

  2. Good stuff!Looking forward to a release to get my hands on it.Very excited!

  3. Mike Downey says:

    The video is finally available on Google (much faster than downloading). Check it out here:

  4. greg h says:

    Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you. These sneak peaks highlight why Time Magazine was right in this year’s choice of “Person of the Year”.Minor request, if possible actual screen captures would be great for future videos. (Rather than pointing a hand held camera at the screen)Yes, this will entail a bit more post-production work, but it will greatly enhance the usability of the finished product. (Especially for developers who like to be able read the bits of code ;-)Note: I did download the high res mp4 and it was not appreciably better.Again, thanks! I am looking forward to the next in this series!g