Open Source ActionScript 3 Libraries moved to Google Code

We have just finished moving all of the open source ActionScript 3 Libraries over to Google code. Not only does this provide a much better infrastructure for the libraries (providing source control, mailing list, bug base, etc…), but more importantly, it finally makes it easy for us to allow other developers to contribute to the projects.

Here are the links to the new project pages:

Note, the original Labs page still exists, although it now points to the individual projects on Google code. The old subversion repository on labs still exists, but is no longer being updated for these projects. We are keeping it around to provide revision history for the projects.All of the projects contain complete access to source code, documentation, unit tests, wiki, bug base, and mailing list. If you are interested in contributing to any of the projects (code, testing, documentation), sign up to the appropriate project mailing list, and offer to help.Thanks to Darron Schall and Mike Potter for helping making this happen, and of course, thanks to all of the authors of the libraries who have contributed them to the community.

5 Responses to Open Source ActionScript 3 Libraries moved to Google Code

  1. darron says:

    Also, there’s a new EBay library available at This is the same library that was demoed at MAX for the San Dimas Apollo Project.

  2. Markus says:

    Hi Mike,sorry, but I don´t like this step. Adobe Labs was a good place for the libs, RIA Forge even a better one although I can´t understand why I have to copy/paste url´s instead of simply clicking a hyperlink.Perhaps I see this wrong but my first (negative) impressions from Google Code:- the splitting of… and…This should be all in one place from my point of view.- If you don´t know that the the libs are there at google, you don´t find them at all. There are no categories to search through instead you have dozens of links to google-api´s, -tools, -patches, etc.- Navigation is like 1998. I have drunk a half cup of coffee until I´ve found (thank god) the still existing SVN link for the libs.I think Google is not a good place for Adobe stuff. Perhaps I´m wrong with that.Greetings from GermanyMarkus

  3. mike chambers says:

    Markus,Thanks for the comments. First, while Adobe did create or drive development of most of the libraries, I do not consider these libraries “Adobe stuff”. The are all open source libraries, that are the communities to use and develop (Adobe being one member of that community).Indeed, this is the primary reason we moved from Labs to google code, as it made it possible to once again actively develop the libraries with participation from the community.As far as issues with Google Code, I won’t comment on specifics. I personally feel the site is very functional and straight forward, but I can understand why someone might prefer another code repository site.Btw, you can still find a single page linking to all of the libraries here:

  4. Philippe Da Silva says:

    HI Mike,I’m pretty interested in all the Apollo project and I wondered if it would be possible to create a Peer2Peer application with ActionScript3 with some sort of low level Network API?Thanks,Philippe