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Apollo Pocketguide from O’Reilly now on Amazon

I just noticed that the book I have been working on along with Jeff Swartz and Rob Dixon just went up for pre-order on Amazon. The book title is:

Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide: A Developer’s Reference for Apollo’s Alpha Release

The book covers the upcoming public alpha release (on labs) of Apollo, and is targeted at developers interested in developing Apollo applications using Flex. It basically focuses on getting readers over the hump of starting with Apollo development.

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Log your AS3 corelib Library bugs / features

We are going to do a new build of the corelib ActionScript 3 Library pretty soon, so if you know about any bugs, or have any feature requests, make sure to take a minute to submit them.

Depending on the issue, there still may be time to get it into this release.

Global Variables within Flex Applications

The question of how to set up global variables in a Flex application came up on the Flex Components list recently, and as it comes up every so often, I figured I would blog one of the answers.

This is actually very easy. Just define a public variable within your main application class, like so:

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