Quick Apollo Update / Labs Release

The Apollo team is heads down working on finishing up the first public alpha release build for labs. I wanted to give a quick update on where we are, as well as provide some information about the labs release.

The first release on labs will be an alpha release. This means that the build will not be feature complete, and those features implemented may not be completely implemented (such as the windowing API). It also means that there will be bugs (make sure to check out the release notes before you play around with it).

Secondly, the first labs release will be targeted at Flex developers. HTML developers will be able to start building applications, but we won’t have HTML focused docs, and some of the HTML specific features are not as far along as some of the other features. The second labs release in the summer will be targeted at HTML developers.

We are really excited to see what developers do with Apollo, and can’t wait to finally get it into everyone’s hands.

Keep an eye on the Apollo section of Labs and my weblog for the latest info.

21 Responses to Quick Apollo Update / Labs Release

  1. Dumb question… If you’re releasing an Alpha, will people signed up for the Beta notification get emails?

  2. mike chambers says:

    >Dumb question… If you’re releasing an Alpha, will people signed up for the Beta notification get emails?Yes. We will send emails out (I actually have to write it today).mike chambersmesh@adobe.com

  3. Hi Mike,anything regarding PDF support in this public alpha release?

  4. mike chambers says:

    >anything regarding PDF support in this public alpha release?PDF support won’t be in the first alpha release on labs.mike chambersmesh@adobe.com

  5. Bryan says:

    so exactly what day should we plan to start never sleeping again?

  6. Is there going to be support for integrating native code ?

  7. mike baker says:

    Hi MikeThat’s great news, looking forward to seeing what the Apollo releases will bring. Have been looking forward to this for some time now, well done to all involved.Mike Bakermike.baker@aileach.com

  8. Ramón Helena says:

    Hi Mike,Great !!!Apollo come as Alpha, but could you please write, what is the meaning of “the windowing API”.By the way I think those will coming in the release note.We look forward for Apollo,Lo esperamos con ansiedad !!Tschüss,Ramón

  9. Savvas says:

    Mike you shake the entire WEB!!!!!!!Is everyone feeling it?

  10. That’s great and all but you know what must of the people in the flash community who have been patiently(even though it’s running thin) for? Is to be able to run Flash and other Adomedia products natively on their intel macs.

  11. Savvas says:

    Mike you shake the entire web!

  12. Hi Mike!Is there any tutorial/doc to read to get started with this technology? Example, where to download the SDK, etc?ThanksNicolas

  13. chall3ng3r says:

    thats great news….// chall3ng3r //

  14. Eric Gagnon says:

    Hi!I’m currently working on a “alpha” release of a application that is planned to be released first as a desktop application (mostly html/flash/javascript for the application part).Because we have a html view, multiplatform integration and making flash talking with the host application) has proved to be really challenging.The technology i have tested to be the most “functionnal” (rapid application developpement/multiplatform support are some of the important factor i considered) is Realbasic (wich let release multiplatform application). I was able to figure out some ways to make the application talk with the html, but in the end, it’s really a complex mix of “tricks” that are not necessarly trivial (or garanteed to work over time).Like:- Trapping the url change and parsing the url parameters (html view to shell app).- Creating a xml data file to keep call and parameter. Load a new instance of the webControl wich itself load a html with a flash. The flash load the xml, get the call and parameter and call the flash in html page via local connections. If i need to control the html via the shell, i can do it using the same mecanism but then talking to javascript via External api.(On windows, it’s possible to load a html OLE control (and flash also) wich let send javascript command to the html control)… but the only way i was able to communicate from the shell to the html page on OSX (safari by) is by using the mecanism i just have described.(as note also.. in realbasic the html control use core OS webkit (safari) on osx and explorer on windows.. like it’s planned with Appolo).There was a lot of uncertainities related to this setup and we decided for our alpha release to build all the application inside html.It’s not clear to me how much Apollo will help such application developpement (with desktop integration).. but from what i read until now it really seem to adress the needs we have…I’m curious about something i had read in a book on flex RIA developpement: it was stated that flex could not be used to release standalone application (not technically, but prohibited by the licence –> that only server release was permitted.)If i read well.. it will be possible to develop Apollo applications using Flex??Looking forward to the first alpha release,Eric

  15. Brent says:

    Anxiously awaiting the alpha! This will be a great addition to the RIA community.BTW, what’s with the delay in the release of your Apollo pocket guide? I pre-ordered it and it won’t ship for another week. Anyway, I’m excited to dive in with it!Thanks,Brent

  16. Tom Briscoe says:

    Will non-Flex Flash applications be supported in the initial Alpha?

  17. bitwize says:

    Mike, y’know this pre-launch Alpha is getting unnervingly close to April 1st..For those of us (international) who can’t attend Apollo Camp.. any chance Apollo labs forums can open (say on the 16th) so that we can cover basic questions and concepts amongst ourselves, rather than blog-storming.That would relieve some of the almost palpable suspense, cheers 🙂

  18. Mark says:

    it’s great an alpha is about to be released (i’ve ordered my pocket guide:)), i worry though that it’s release is now a little more marketing driven rather than tech driven. Your statement has a little bit of ‘we are desperate to release something because people ares starting to get impatient at all the buzz and no play’. You need to be careful it doesn’t take on all the attributes of a Microsoft Product Release … We’ve all experienced how fun they can be :)I do look forward to sinking my teeth into Apollo when it appears.

  19. Dave says:

    Hurry up maaaaan! Apollo’s gonna change the software world. I really mean it.

  20. Oleg Richards says:

    Greetings!Thanks for wonderful news. I am developing project now, which uses flex for UI. And C# as manager for it. Flex part is embeded into it. I hope, Mike, that your Apollo will help me with it. Main functional that i need is: FileSystem Access (to create “invisible to system” file copy procedure with progress in flex) and network functions (I need broadcast, that remote computers could connect to server and get ip address from it). So i would be very happy if you could inform me about that functions in Apollo. (We are developing interesting project, thats not typical and not looks and sound like boring RIA concepts (shops and others). So its another way to use rich flex interfaces in programs. So i think that will be interesting for you (as new step in RIA and Rich UI technologies adv). And we could continue our contact by email.

  21. Mike,Thanks for the Apollo event. The Presentations we’re all very well done and hats off to an excellent preview of what’s going to be a true success.I can’t believe how simple it is to make an apollo app. Going through the pocket reference in the goodie bag, how fun!Thanks,Patrick Lemiuex