Apollo Camp Update

Only 2 days left until Apollo Camp. I wanted to make a quick post with some updates.

First, Apollo Camp is sold out and we already have a long waiting list. We will not be adding new people as we are already pretty tight on space. Don’t worry though if you cant make it. We will post videos of all sessions on video.onflex.org, and are talking about doing additional Apollo Camps this summer.

We have updated and finalized the agenda. You can view the entire schedule on the Apollo Camp page. One important note is that we will server dinner / food from 5 – 6PM now. We will have snacks and drinks throughout the entire event.

I also updated the Apollo Camp page with Flickr and Twitter information. If you take images related to Apollo Camp and upload them to Flickr, make sure to tag them with “apollocamp“.

We have also setup an Apollo Camp Twitter account (actually Ryan Stewart set it up, and let us use it). We will use this during the conference to host the back channel chatter, as well as feedback and questions on the sessions. I will post some more on this later.

Doors open at 5, and the first session starts at 5:45. Try to get there around 5 PM so you have time to get something to eat. Make sure to bring your laptop, and maybe we will have something for everyone to play around with. We will have wireless available, and as many power strips as we can muster.

4 Responses to Apollo Camp Update

  1. Chris Davis says:

    anyone hanging out after the conference?

  2. Mike,Will there be anything to play with for the people that desperately want to attend Apollo Camp but are unable? ;)Also, it looks like your “Apollo Camp Twitter account” link is missing the protocol prefix so the link is busted. (http://twitter.com/apollocamp)-Andy

  3. Nate says:

    From Twitter(lol):mesh About to order pop rocks in bulk for ApolloCamp 10:40 AM March 09, 2007 from webmesh wondering what would happened if you mixed Red Bull with Pop Rocks.10:40 AM March 09, 2007 from web

  4. Fred Grott says:

    Mike, I know at least one company that need a confirmation of whether there will be summer Apollo Camps…Can you confirm it in any way?probably the mid summer to fall would be fine for some interest parties.