ApolloCamp Twitter Account

As part of Apollo Camp tonight, we will have an Apollo Camp Twitter account to make it easy for anyone to leave messages, ask questions, or make comments on Apollo Camp and / or the current sessions.

Here is the info:


In order to participate, create and login to your Twitter account, and add the apollocamp account as a friend (linked on the right side of the page of the URL above).

You can then view all of the Twitters by visiting:

To send a message, comment or question about Apollo, Apollo Camp or individual sessions, simply make a Twitter status update, and prepend your update with “@ApolloCamp” For example:

@ApolloCamp Drank too much RedBull and Coffee, but enjoying the File API session.

Btw, we are still testing our Twitter display app (which Danny Dura is building), so you may see some test posts for the next hour or so.

Btw2, thanks to the guys over Twitter for helping us with a few things to get this working.

2 Responses to ApolloCamp Twitter Account

  1. Demo mishap. First awesome job last night. Thank you. Second, you had an issue creating your air file during the presentation and i think i know what it is. In the documentation on the cd it has the following icon xml for the config file:ApolloApp_16.pngApolloApp_32.jpgApolloApp_48.gifApolloApp_128.pngIf you use the provided icons in the Documentation/Documentation/Image folder, you’re using the following:ApolloApp_16.png, ApolloApp_32.png, ApolloApp_48.png, Apollo128.pngWhen you go to create your air file you receive that error because the icon nodes reference ApolloApp_32.”jpg”,ApolloApp_48.”gif”, but the provided icons are all “.png” files. So the icon node values need to be changed to reference the correct file types or the images need to be changed. Anyway, just wanted you to know so that wouldn’t happen to you again. Fantastic job and thanks so much. -s

  2. mike chambers says:

    Steven,Thanks for the comments. That was not the issue, but your comment made me finally realize the issue.When I was in the export dialog, I forgot to select the icon’s PNG file to be included in the AIR file. So when it went to create the AIR file, the application.xml file referenced the PNG file, but it was not included, and the export failed.Ill work with the Flex Builder team and see if we can get some more descriptive errors in cases like this (I think this is already on their radar).mike chambersmesh@adobe.com