If you follow my weblog, then you know that I have been playing around with shooting video’s showing off Apollo and Flex. While I am in no way a video professional, I like doing the videos as I think they are a lot clearer (especially when discussing something visual).

Anyways, I have been posting them to google video, and then blogging them here, but I haven’t been too happy with that. The video quality at google video is not what I would like, and there is not one place to link and index all of the videos.

So, I, along with Ted Patrick, put together a site to host all of the videos that we have been shooting. The site is, and has just launched. I made a post over on the site which provides some more information, and have already post a couple of videos. Make sure to check out the demo that Ely Greenfield gives. It is amazing.

Anyways, I am really excited about the site, and have a backlog of videos to encode and post (not too mention all of the sessions from Apollo Camp).

You can find more information, as well as view the site here.

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  1. Phillip Kerman says:

    Not bad, not bad.I do have to wonder who’s clean desk is that? Studio desk? Cleaned up special for the shoot? The desk of a neat-nik?

  2. Samiq says:

    Ping back from[…Ted Patrick and Mike Chambers, both guys from Adobe, are putting together a learning experience together called video.onflex…]Really cool page. Congrats on the website and best wishes to u two guys on this project. I hope I will get my hands on Apollo really soon to start playing around with this jewel.

  3. Steven So says:

    I have seen that flash book used a lot and in general I think it’s pretty lame. With that said I was so impressed with the video and how it was used here. Thanks.