Apollo Camp Twitter Application Released

Daniel Dura has just released the Twitter application that we used at Apollo Camp to help coordinate back chanell conversations (it saved us from a beer disaster!).

Anyways, not only can you download the application, but Danny has also open sourced it, and made the source available. So, now you can modify and use it for your own event.

You can grab the download, as well as the source, from here.

3 Responses to Apollo Camp Twitter Application Released

  1. william h says:

    Any chance of an Adobe Desktop/Operating System. I’ve just tried Vista and think its dreadful. Adobe OS could be based on linux or some other codebase and have two set of digital “suites”:- Elements – for standard users eg kids, parents. Retail at $100. Rather like iLife- Pro – basically Creative Suite 3.And for Office – use Open Office 3. Or develop something like iWork.The Adobe OS desktop could be based on the Apollo code.

  2. If you missed the recent ApolloCamp, be sure to check out ApolloRanch in Boulder, Colorado on May 5. Only 200 total seats available.http://apolloranch.eventbrite.com/

  3. L says:

    Hey Mike,Check out this Apollo-based Jon-restyled Google Reader app: http://jinysync.com~L