Apollo Chat today on IRC

Well, it appears that a lot of people are interested in an Apollo chat via IRC, so I set up a room today if anyone want to chat, or ask questions about Apollo.

Server: irc.prison.net (efnet)
room : #apollochat

I was hoping to get a room on freenet, but was having trouble registering the room, so for today, Ill hang around on efnet.

Ill be in and out, but if anyone wants to hang out and chat, then join up.

You can find information on IRC at wikipedia.

4 Responses to Apollo Chat today on IRC

  1. Saeed Ashour says:

    Hi …looks like you missed leter “O” in #apollochat

  2. mike chambers says:

    >looks like you missed leter “O” in #apollochatOops. Good catch. Just fixed it.mike chambersmesh@adobe.com

  3. George says:

    Thanks Mike!Here’s a relatively light weight IRC client for those of you who don’t already have one:http://www.xchat.org/

  4. Doug says:

    Hey,It’s been years since I’ve used IRC! I’ve installed Ircle for Mac OS X but am not sure how to get into the chat room.Can someone please let me know how to get in OR is there a better IRC client I can use?Email me at lists@netsolis.com if you can help (or post here if Mike doesn’t mind).Thanks!Doug