Flex / Apollo IRC Channel?

There have been a couple of posts over the past couple of days with people talking about using IRC to chat about Flex and Apollo. I think this is an cool idea, and would love to get an room started that stayed pretty active.

I would especially like to do weekly chats with the Flex, Apollo and Player teams. I think that would be a lot of fun, and enable everyone to speak directly with the people building these technologies.

Is anyone else interested in participating in an IRC channel for Flex / Apollo / ActionScript discussions? If so, which server should we use? What about a channel name?

Anyone interested? Post feedback in the comments?

25 Responses to Flex / Apollo IRC Channel?

  1. George says:

    I’m definitely interested here. I would love to be able to get simple questions answered now and then, and I wouldn’t mind answering a few myself.

  2. Miha says:

    Hey, I suggest the EFNet network:irc.efnet.org – direct IRC server addresshttp://www.efnet.org/ – website of the network (which also includes a webchat)and the channels:#actionscript (which has been there for quite a long time, a few years at least),#flex (fairly new, as flex is),#apollo (isn’t really active/doesn’t exist all the time).Both #actionscript and #flex are established well and people there are very nice (the regulars at least). I know that they would love to get some Adobe people in there. I personally know that it would be awesome! I was actually thinking a while back how it would be like if someone from Adobe would be on IRC, it was a crazy dream then, but it seems like it’s turning into reality, or at least I hope so :DI hope you could consider those two/three channels, because that would be great, thanks 🙂

  3. DALnet has #cfflex (and #coldfusion and #fusebox and #transfer and… ) 😀

  4. nz says:

    A weekly Acrobat Connect (Breeze) session run by Adobe will be niceor one that is permanently running for Flash, Apollo and Flex stuff would be great.

  5. Stacey Roestel says:

    Yes please.Call it ASX.srr

  6. Jay says:

    EfnetThese 3 channels #flash #flashelp #actionscript have existed forever and all are very active. Will be awesome to have #apollo / #flex added to the list.

  7. comfuture says:

    I agree strongly!with, apollo IRC Client 🙂

  8. GMFlash says:

    I think Freenode would be a better network. It is dedicated to development and contains active channels for technologies that would be used on the server side too such as php/ruby/python/java/etc…

  9. Johannes says:

    Would be great!Yeah, with an Apollo IRC Client 😉 nice idea!

  10. Kyle Hayes says:

    Don’t they already exist #cfflex and #apollo on irc.dal.net?

  11. Ryan Taylor says:

    Absolutely. I’m very interested in the idea and would love to get involved.

  12. I don’t really have any preference about channel selection but I think it’s a great idea and I’m all in 🙂

  13. tom says:

    i’d prefer freenode, too!

  14. Jeremy says:

    I too would be quite interested.

  15. Nate says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes….Mike, could you in a future post tell us all where to go? I saw that there were a few different suggestions, it would be a lot better if we all went to the same place though.We should have two channels that mimic the flexcoders list. Like a component channel and a coders channel; along with a channel just to discuss why flash > silverlight ;).

  16. Art says:

    Sounds like a great idea.. would be nice to have a web access point for those who do not wish to install a client.

  17. Paulo Moreira says:

    Not a big fun of IRC. But a regular chat will be a very nice idea indeed. Technology users and developers talking will make everyones life easier.Some days ago I had the luck of speaking and making some Apollo questions to Mike Downey personally, and that make me fell more interested on the product and on what new cool stuff I can integrate on my products.

  18. I think it’s a great idea and would definitely participate.

  19. Patrick says:

    As a designer who works and develops a lot with flash, I would be very interested in such a channel. Especially now since so much exciting new technology is being released.

  20. Tara Hunt says:

    Yay! IRC! I’m in. 🙂

  21. Mike Baker says:

    Count me in, would be very interested.Mike

  22. Simon Lord says:

    I like the idea of an IRC channel as well, but…Doesn’t a company that makes the most awesome communications backend for Flash see some irony in NOT using it’s own technology to build a developers chat room? Can’t someone just build a “pod” for Central or slap a realtime chat popup to the Adobe forums?Microsoft will have a field day publicly pointing out that Adobe users HAVE to use IRC rather than Adobe’s own RIA technology. They are in this space now and will poke holes anywhere they can (just thinking out loud here…).

  23. Alex says:

    Cool! Count us in as well.My preference would also be Freenode.

  24. Abdul Qabiz says:

    Mike,It would be cool. As you mentioned when we met, it would be great to have one channel to discuss Flex, Apollo and ActionScript.Thanks-abdul

  25. David says:

    Simon Lord: By that same argument, why are adobe’s blogs not written in flash? and why do they use email, instead of some custom flash messaging tool?The reason being that sometimes it’s better to not reinvent a standardized wheel, with your own custom proprietary one.