Top 5 New Features in Flash CS3

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2 Responses to Top 5 New Features in Flash CS3

  1. brad says:

    So can i use Flash CS3 to publish apollo apps?I dont want to mess with Flex, but that looks like the main tool for Apollo right now. I was thinking that Flex=Flash, so how come there has not been more buzz about creating apps with Flash?thanks for the info-brad

  2. tdelgiudice says:

    Hi Mike,So Have the new CS3 web Prem.I am rewriting some old apps over to AS3. There seems to be little info on how to do remoting to a coldfusion cfc. So far I have it set up and can read the reult from the cfc if the reult is a string. My question is how do I read the data from the cfc if the cfc is returning a query?In As2 I would use “returned.result.items[0].dbfieldname” to read the data from a field in the first record.How would you do this in AS3 I am getting the query back to flashCS3 but “result” traces out to “[object Object]” and I cant find a way into the recordset