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Excluding Classes from being Compiled into SWF

Did you know that you can exclude ActionScript classes from being compiled into the final SWF? You may want to do this to decrease file size, but still have the classes avaliable for type checking.

You can find out how to exclude classes from being compiled here.

Colin Moock’s Essential ActionScript 2.0 Chapter Online

We have posted a chapter from Colin Moock’s forthcoming tome on ActionScript 2, titled Essential ActionScript 2.0.

You can read chapter 2, “Object Oriented ActionScript”, here.

You can find more information on Essential ActionScript 2.0 from here.

MXNA Sample Application Source Code Released

Just a quick fyi, we have posted the source code for my MXNA sample application.

You can view the app, read some info, and download the source code from here.

Challenge : Search engine in 4 lines of code?

I was just reading this article about the closing of WebMonkey. One of the things they mentioned were “stunt journalism” articles where they would do things such as write chat engines, or search engines in four lines of code.

Hmm… pretty interesting. So, knowing the ingenuity of the Flash community, I thought I would see what you could do. So, lets start off with something easy, can you create a search engine in Flash in 4 lines of code or less? If so, post the code in the comments (you can use any components included with Flash MX 2004 Pro).

Atom ActionScript Class v.22

Just a quick fyi. I have updated my ActionScript 2 Atom class.

You can find more info on the latest changes, and well as view the class here.

W3CDateTime ActionScript Class

As part of the ActionScript 2 Atom class that I am putting together, I have created an ActionScript class that represents a W3CDateTime string. This is the format that Atom uses to represent dates.

A beta of the class and simple usage example is included below. If you have any questions or suggestions (especially parsing optimizations), or find any bugs, please post them in the comments.

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Atom Feed ActionScript 2 Class Alpha

I am putting together an ActionScript 2 class to represent and parse Atom feeds. I have put together an early alpha version of the class, but wanted to get some feedback on it before I continue work on it.

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One of the issues I ran into while building the MXNA WebService example app, was that both the ComboBox and DataGrid both broadcast “change” events. This meant that I could not have a separate function to listen for each event (and have the functions run within the scope of the feedView class).

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Here is the next class from the MXNA Web Service sample app. This is the MXNAFeedView class, and is the main (and currently only) view class of the app.

It contains most of the UI elements for selecting and displaying categories and feeds.

You can also view the MXNAAppController class.

I will post the rest of the classes as I comment and finish them.

As usual, if you have any suggestions or questions, post them in the comments.

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I am going to post the class files for the MXNA WebService App I put together over the weekend. I will post them as I add the comments.

I will eventually post all of the source, but I want to work out all of the kinks first.

The first class I am posting, MXNAAppController is the controller for the application. It handles all communication with the web services on the server, and contains a single view class, that contains most of the UI elements for the app.

So, if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, post them in the comments.

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