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Point to Point File Transfer with Central

Kenny Bunch figured out how to send binary files from one machine to another using the new File I/O capabilities in Macromedia Central and the Flash Communication server.

You can see a description and the code here.

Beta test next version of Central and AIM/ICQ Integration

Update : Thanks for all of the offers to help test the beta. We are closing the beta for the current round, and will post again when we expand it.

Central Licensing Survey

The Central Team is doing a survey on the Central Licensing model. Please take a couple of minutes to give us your input, as it will help us determine how Central is licensed.

You can take the survey here.

Certifiable certification Central application

Daemon has posted a preview release of their very cool certification exam application named Certifiable.

I saw a sneak peak of this at MXDU, and it is easily one of the coolest, and most useful Central applications available.

You can find more information on Certifiable (including screenshots and FAQs) as well as download the application from here.

Central Presence API / SDK Beta

Hi. We are now looking for developers who are interested in beta testing the Central Presence API / SDK for Macromedia Central. The API provides access to AOL AIM and ICQ networks for applications running within Macromedia Central.

If you are interested, please send the following information to:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Why you are interested


We will contact you in the next couple of weeks if you have been accepted for the first round.

Central Trace Panel for OS X Source Released

I have released the source for the Central Standalone Trace panel for OS X app that I put together.

The source is in Objective-C (written in X-Code) and Interface Builder.

You can download the source (as well as the app) from here.

Links and Resources from MXDU Central Session

I just had my introduction to Central session at MXDU, and aside from running into a problem where my preferences got corrupted (which kept Flash from running for about 10 minutes), everything went great.

Here are the links to resources that I mentioned during my session:

If I left anything out, just post it in the comments. (Btw, the conference is rocking).

Central Wallpaper Contest Winners

Well, after going through the 80+ submission, and then counting all of the votes for the 10 finalists, we finally have a winner for the Central Desktop Wallpaper contest.

Here they are:

In 3rd place, and the winner of a stylish Macromedia Central T-Shirt, we actually have a tie:
Created by “sangles”×600
Created by Daniele Ugoletti

In a very close 2nd place, and the winner of a Central tube of goodies:×600.jpg
Created by Abel Rios

And finally, in first place, and the proud new owner of an Xbox is:
Created by Scott Barnes / Team Mossy Blog

If you are one of the winners, send an email to me at with your mailing info.

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted. We were completely blown away by the response, and may do a similar contest for Flash in the future.

Central Desktop Wallpaper Finalist

We have picked 10 finalists from the 80+ submissions to the Central Desktop Wallpaper contest. Since the community made this all happen, we decided to let you help us judge the finalists and pick a winner.

Here are the finalists in no particular order:


Post your vote for the top submission (by it’s number) in the comments. The top vote getter from the community will be guaranteed at least a top 3 spot, and will have added weight with the final judges.

Btw, the Central Team has been completely amazed my the response to this. The quantify and quality of the submissions was simply amazing. Deadline for voting is 5 PM PST (-8:00 UTC), February 18, 2004.

Central Application Article and Source Files

Community MX has just released an article about the structure of their CMXtra Central application. It discusses the architecture and who the files are structured, and goes into specific features such as using tooltips, the local file cache and and LCServer.

However, the coolest part of the article is that they have made all of the source code for their CMXtra application available. This is an excellent resource for looking through the code of a complete application and learning how all of the parts fit together.

You can read the entire article here.