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Ted Patrick’s Icon Professional

Ted Patrick has been posting some icon’s created with his Central based Icon Pro application (currently in Alpha). Pretty cool stuff. I just realized that he has also developed a format for saving the icons as ACSII.

Anyways, pretty cool stuff. You can check out the alpha of Icon Professional and Icon Explorer here.

More File System Access for Central Input Needed

Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback in an earlier post on File system access within Macromedia Central. It was very useful.

We would like some additional input. Specifically, what type of things would you like to do if you had file system access? i.e. how would your application use file system access within Macromedia Central?

A good example might be : I would allow users to upload reports from the Central application to the server (to be shared with other users).

Place your suggestions / thoughts in the comments.

Latest Central Community Happenings

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days. I have been pretty swamped working on a couple of items at work.

There has been a lot of stuff going on over the past couple of days, so I am going to try to catch up in one big post.

Derek Stottlemyer has posted a beta version of his TabSMART Central application which helps teach how to play the guitar.

Ted Patrick has released a beta version of some really cool apps that allow you to make and share icons for Flash applications. You can find more information on Icon Pro and Icon Explorer here.

Ted also posted his thoughts on Central development.

I guess until you write an application, it is hard to see value in Central. I struggled with this on the Central Beta but I now think I get it. Central is about deployment, Central is a platform.

You can read the entire post here.

Vera Fleischer updated her excellent Central sample app and code to include support for notices and Blast.

Daemonite has posted a couple of tips on developing for Central, including this tip on Central DataGrid enhancements and this tip on using Screens in Central applications.

Wow. Lots of stuff going on.

Central Example App and Code

Vera Fleischer has posted some simple sample code that shows a basic Central application. Among other things, it demonstrates how to create a pod, agent and application, how to use LCService to manage communications, how to manage pods, and how to Blast data between applications.

This is a very good example providing all of the basics of a Central application.

You can view the post, and download the code here.

ActionScript 2.0 and Central

Ethan Malasky has posted some information on how to use ActionScript 2.0 to create Central applications.

We are working on creating intrinsic class files for Central, but until they are ready, this will allow you to create Central applications using ActionScript 2.0.

You can read the entire post here.

File I/O in Central : What do you want?

The single most requested feature for Central has been File I/O support. So, how would you want File I/O implemented in Central? What would you use it for? What features / abilities do you want?

How would you rank the following in order of importance / usefulness?

  • (A) Uploading/downloading files from a server.
  • (B) Having a folder on the user’s computer where apps could save or open files, without querying the user.
  • (C) Being able to open or save files from/to arbitrary locations on the user’s computer, using file dialogs.
  • (D) Being able to create new files from arbitrary data in your app. Which files types would be useful here: text, xml, jpeg, etc.?
  • (E) Being able to open, edit and save existing files. Again, which file types?

Post your feedback in the comments section.

Regular Expression Library

Digital Media Minute just posted a link to the Regular Expression Library which is a repository of Regular Expression expressions (currently with over 450 entries).

This is a useful resource if your are developing applications for Central, as Central has built in support for regular expressions. Of course, it is also useful if you are using one of the community developed Flash regular expression libraries.

You can view the website here.

You can find some more information on Regular Expressions in Central here and here.

Btw, we will be posting an extensive article on using Regular Expressions in Central on the DevNet center very soon.

Macromedia Central Survey

The Central Team is doing a survey and looking for input about Macromedia Central. Here is the info:

Undocumented Methods of the MDialogBox Component

I just noticed that we released a technote describing some undocumented methods of the MDialogBox component included with the Central SDK.

The updated methods include:

  • MDialogBox.doOpen()
  • MDialogBox.setIsModal()
  • MDialogBox.doClose()
  • MDialogBox.configureModalDialog()

You can read the entire technote here.

FYI, we are also writing a more extensive article for the Central DevNet center on how to use the component.

Central Regular Expression Examples

Christian Cantrell has posted a couple of examples showing how to use Central’s built in Regular Expression API.

Examples include matching:

  • A valid URL
  • The title tag from an HTML page
  • Alphanumeric Characters

You can view the entire post here.

If you have any other good Regular Expression recipies, post them at Christian’s weblog.