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Max Wrap-up / Sneak Peaks Video

Well, Max is over and it was a blast as usual. I didn’t get to blog as much as I wanted, although I did blog the keynote live.

The highlight of the conference for me was the sneaks session, which I organized and MC’ed. I was blown away by some of the stuff we showed (Captivate made my jaw drop!). I was also blown away by about 800 saxophone whistles that we passed out (note to self, high-pitched noise makers, and 800 excited designer / developers are not a good mix).

Josh Dura has posted some video of the Flex, Central, Flash Player and Flash Authoring sneaks (first and only time we have ever shown 8-Ball, the next version of Flash authoring).

Here are some other link with summaries and info on the conference:

Make sure to check out the video posted by Josh, it shows some very cool stuff.

Update : We just posted video of the complete day one and two keynotes, which you can view here.

MAX Keynote

Note : Here are my raw notes from the keynote. They have not been edited or spell checked. I wanted to get them online as soon as possible. I will update them in the next hours and polish them a little better.

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On my way to MAX

I am sitting in the LA airport waiting to get on my flight to New Orleans so I thought I would make a quick post.

I am posting this from my phone so I am going to keep it short. I am not doing any sessions this year as I really want to have a chance to hang out with everyone. However, I am in charge of the sneaks session on Wednesday. I can’t give any details, but I can say that it is going to be very “enlightening”. If you are at Max you can’t miss this session. If you are not there, then hope that someone video tapes it.

Ill post more once I get to New Orleans.

Belgium User Group Meeting Tomorrow Night

I have been in Paris all week for the Macromedia France MAX conference. The conference was great and I got to meet a ton of super talented Flash designers and developers. I sent a couple of pictures from my SideKick over to the vision site.

I will be speaking at the Belgium User group meeting tomorrow (Saturday night) in Mechelem (just north of Brussels). Aral Balkan will also be speaking, so it should be a pretty good meeting. If you happen to be in Belgium, make sure to come by the meeting. If you are lucky, you might get to hear me speak some Dutch.

Links from “Architecting Flash Applications” session

I am in Dusseldorf now for the FlashForum Konferenze 2004. I am really impressed by the conference, and all of the cool stuff I have seen thus far (both in the conference, and from talking to developers).

Anyways, I gave a talk this morning on Architecting Flash Applications, and promised that I would post the links to some of the resources and URLs mentioned during my session. So, here they are:

You can also download my Flash Resource Manager from here.

I will be speaking again tomorrow afternoon, talking about our vision and roadmap for the Flash platform and ecosystem.

Btw, I will post more on the user group meetings from this week a little later.

MXDU Blogger’s Dinner

Sean Corfield is organizing an MXDU blogger’s dinner for Wednesday evening. I just found out about it and will definitely be there.

We are meeting Wednesday night at 7:15 in the hotel lobby. We will leave at 7:30 for the restaurant.

So, are there any other Flash blogger’s planning to attend? if so, let me know.

Update from MXDU

Well, after some weekend help from Val Liberty at Macromedia (thanks for saving me again!), I finally got my dial up access working. Woohoo!. So, I will have email access throughout the week.

I got a chance to see some of the area yesterday, taking a jog around Darling harbor. Unfortunately, I ended up crashing pretty early last night, as the jet lag was finally catching up with me.

Today I am working on my session for tomorrow, and for a short stint in the keynote. I will be heading out to the Macromedia offices to work. Tonight I will be at the National Australian user group meeting which should be very cool. I am not doing any presentations, but will be answering any questions that come up about Flash or Central. I am also looking forward to meeting a lot of people.

You can see a complete list of all of the sessions I will be participating in here.

I made it to Sydney / MXDU

Well, after a 14 hour flight, I have finally made it to Sydney. I am currently hanging out at the hotel with Sean Corfield, waiting to be able to check into my room (it is 9am here, can’t check in until at least 12).

I am really excited about the mxdu conference this week. I have always been impressed by the strength of the Australian developer community, and it will be cool to finally get to meet a lot of them in person. I am staying at the Star City hotel and hope to get to hang out some.

One side note, the hotel doesn’t have internet access, and I forgot to set up my dial up account before I left, so my internet and email access will probably be sporadic until at least Tuesday (Monday in US).

MXDU Here I Come

I am going to be heading down to Sydney in a couple of weeks for the MXDU conference. It is shaping up to be an awesome conference with some of the top developers in the world.

I will be doing a session and a birds of a feather on Central, maybe helping out with one of the keynotes, and most importantly, hanging around with other developers.

Anyways, if you are going to be in the southern hemisphere in a couple of weeks, you can’t afford to miss the conference.

The conference is February 24 and 25 in Sydney, Australia. You can find more information here.

Session : Best Practices for Central Application Interface Design

Kevin Hoyt has a great summary of Kevin Lynch’s and Josh Ulm Central session titled “Best Practices for Central Application Interface Design“.

You can read the entire overview here.