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Countdown to Max : Central Sessions

The Macromedia Max conference starts in a little over a week. We are planning a ton of stuff around Central, so I decided to do a week of “Countdown to Max posts”. Everyday, I will post information about something related to Central at the Max conference.

The first item is of course all of the Central Related sessions:

Of course, there are a ton of other sessions on Flash, Client / server development and Halo that also apply to creating Central applications. You can see a complete list of sessions, broken down by track, here.

So, are you going to be at Central? If so, post in the comments. I will be there from Monday to Friday.

Macromedia Central at the MAX Conference

We have recently updated some of the sessions about Macromedia Central for the Macromedia MAX Conference. Here is a list of all of the Central related sessions:

Or course, there are also keynotes, birds of a feature, etc… I am hoping to get some space where anyone interested in developing apps, learning about Central or just hanging around with other developers, can do so. There will be a lot of people from the Central team at the conference, so it is a good chance to get a crash course in Central from the people who made it.

The conference is November 18 – 21, in Salt Lake City. You can find more info here.

FlashForward 2003 NYC Wrap-up

Well, FlashForward 2003 NYC is over, and as usual it was a great conference. I had a blast hanging out with and getting to know everyone. It was particularly cool to get to hang out with Josh and Daniel Dura, and Greg Burch, all of whom I chat with daily (and who were killing me at Mario Kart).

My session on Friday went well. I talked about architecting applications in Flash. I de-constructed my Search Application (which will be on the soon to be released DRK 4). I had a QA session after that, and ended up showing off a bunch of stuff on DRK 4.

I’ll be honest. The interest in the DRK really surprised me. People were really interested in the content, but a lot of people had never even heard of it. I think we need to do a better job of getting the word out. Hopefully, the fact that it will be available for individual purchase from launch will help.

I rode back on the train to DC with Branden Hall and Christian Cantrell. Branden got me started on the BrawlBots beta, and meshbotjr was born. Although he has yet to win any battles, he is an eager young robot.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who makes Flash Forward possible. So, thanks to Lynda, Stuart, Kymberlee, all of the FlashForward volunteers, the speakers, and everyone one who attended.

You can keep up with community posts on Flash Forward at the Flash section at MXNA.

FlashForward NYC 2003 Keynote

Well, I have finally been able to catch my breath from the keynote (and from the lack of sleep over the past couple of days). Normally, I would give a blow by blow account of the Keynote, but after checking MXNA, I noticed that there are quite a few people blogging the keynote live, including:

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FlashForward Day 1 update

FlashForward is in full swing, and even though I have had to spend time working on some projects, things have been a blast as usual. Last night I hung out at a reception for speakers and film festival judges, and got to chat with a bunch of people (Branden Hall, Sam Wan, Grant Skinner, Claus Wahlers, Greg Burch, Josh Dura, Danny Dura, etc…).

I haven’t had a chance to spend much time in any sessions today (although I did peak into Robert Reinhardt’s session on Flash Communication server). However, I have heard some interesting info about some of the vendors (cross platform third party projectors?). Ill post more info when I confirm things.

I am about to head down to some more sessions, and am going to try to hang around at the book signing this evening (although I have to do some rehearsals tonight). I will try to post some pictures soon, and will post more frequent updates tomorrow (since I will be able to actually attend some sessions).

You can keep up with weblog posts from the conference at the Flash section of MXNA.

Flash Forward NYC 2003

I just arrived in NYC for FlashForward 2003. I am really looking forwarding to hanging around with everyone, and have already run into Greg Burch and Branden Hall.

I will be doing a small section during the keynote and then have an entire session where I am going to de-construct the Google Search Application.

As in the past, I am going to try and blog the conference, so check back here for update (I will post all of the entries in the Conferences category).

Anyways, if you are at the conference and see me around, make sure to stop me and say hi.

Macromedia MAX Conference Session Information posted

Raymond Camden was the first to notice that the Macromedia MAX conference website has been updated with the list of sessions and their descriptions.

You can view the complete list here.

You can find more information about the Macromedia MAX conference here.

[via MXNA via Raymond Camden]

FlashInTheCan Presentation / Notes online

Shawn Pucknell has started a thread at Flash in TO with a list of presentations and notes from the Flash In The Can conference which have been posted online.

Notes posted thus far include those from Robert Penner, Colin Moock, Grant Skinner, Josh David and Kevin Towes.

You can view the post here.

[via FlashCoders]

Flash in the Can Toronto Photos

Dave Yang has posted a ton of photos from the Flash in the Can conference.

Of particular interest are two photos from Josh Davis’s presentation outline some useful tips for doing some cool stuff with Flash.

Ripping large amounts of shapes and colors for use in ActionScript

Capturing ActionScript Programs for Print

You can view all of the pictures here.

Btw, I had a great time at the conference this week. I want to thanks Shawn Pucknell and crew for putting on such an amazing conference. I am already looking forward to the conference for next year.

FlashInTheCan Live Online

FlashInTheCan has set up live streaming video from their conference. You can view it from the link on their main page.

If you are fast enough, you can catch Josh Davis’s session which is going on as I post this..