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Flash UI Component Set 5 Documentation on-line

Just a quick reminder that the HTML documentation for the Flash UI Component set 5 from DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 is available on-line.

Flash UI Component Set 5 includes the following components:

  • Accordion Pane
  • Week View
  • Tab View
  • Slider
  • TextField

The complete documentation includes:

  • Reference Panel Documentation
  • HTML documentation
  • PDF Documentation
  • 66 Sample Files, demonstrating virtually every API

You can view the documentation here.

You can find more info about DRK 3 here.

And the winners are…

Wow. We were really blown away by the response to the DRK ad spoof contest. The creativity of some of the entries was simply amazing. So much so, that we decided to pick three winners instead of one.

And the winners are (in no particular order):

Each winner will receive a copy of the DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 (chocked full of component and sample app goodness).

Thanks for all of the great entries. We will probably being doing some similar contests in the future.

Flash Based Google Search App

Josh Dura and and I have been playing around with the Google Web Service API. We have put together a simple Flash based application that allows you to search google. It is not 100% complete, but we though we would post it to let people check out (and hopefully give us some ideas for features).

The application uses the GoogleService ActionScript Library, components from DRK 3, and Flash Remoting.

Update [May, 5 2003] : A new version of the application was uploaded. You can see a list of changes here.

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DRK AD Spoof Contest : Pick a Winner

We have chosen some winners for the DRK 3 Ad spoof contest. Yes, I said winners (plural). We had so many great submissions that we decided to give away 3 copies of DRK 3. We have picked two winners already, but want to let the community vote on the third winner from the runners up.

Here are the candidates:

To vote, send an e-mail to with the name of the submission that you are voting for. Voting closes on April 30, 2003 at 11:59 PM EST.

DRK : Week View Example 2

I have posted another example of the Week View component from the Flash UI Component Set 5 on DRK 3. This example creates a simple TV listings browser, and uses the Week View component to navigate through the days.

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DRK : Week View Example 1

I have uploaded another component example from Flash UI Component Set 5 on DRK 3. This one uses the Week View component (DRK 3) as well as the Advanced Calendar Component from DRK 2.

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DRK 3 : Accordion Pane / Slider Examples

I have uploaded another example of some of the components included the DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) Volume 3. This example uses the Accordion Pane and Slider components, and demonstrates sorting sections, and changing the transition speed within the Accordion Pane components. In this example, the sections do not have any content, although when you are using them they would.

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DRK 3 : Tab Component Example 1

Here is another example of one of the DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) 3 components. This one is an advanced usage of the Tab component, which shows how to specify custom tabs (in this case to add icons to the tabs). It also uses the TextField Component.

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Spoof me and win a DRK contest

OK. As many of you have noticed, some of our DRK marketing materials use some pictures of me. You can see some examples on the macromedia home page (you may have to reload it a couple of time) as well as here, here and here.

Well, I don’t know what to say except that marketing made me do it! Anyways, I have already seen a couple of spoofs, so I figured I would roll with it. So, I am going to hold a contest for the best spoof of the DRK ads. The winner will receive a copy of DRK 3.

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DRK 3 : TextField / DataValidation Example 1

I have been getting some requests for some examples of the components included on DRK 3, so I am going to try and post a bunch over the coming days.

The first example is a simple one showing how to validate user input using the TextField component and Data Validation library.

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