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Which DRKs are included with DevNet Pro

I have been getting a lot of questions today about which DRKs are included with DevNet Pro Subscriptions. So here is the answer.

When you subscribe to DevNet Pro, you get:

  • DRK Special Edition (Contains a selection of the extensions and components from Volumes 1 and 2)
  • The current DRK (which is currently 3)
  • The next 3 DRKs

So basically, DevNet Pro includes DRK 1 and 2, which were part of Studio MX plus, plus a subscription to DevNet Essentials. Hope that helps clarify the question.

ColdFusion content on DRK 3

DRK 3 is the first DRK that we have released with full ColdFusion content. Christian Cantrell, the server community manager, has posted some info and screen shots of all of the ColdFusion content included on DRK 3.

You can view the info here.

Downloading DRK 3 from your subscription portal

If you are a DevNet Pro or DevNet Essentials subscriber, DRK 3 will be available for download from Your on-line subscription portal in the next couple of hours. You should receive an email when it is available.

Update : DRK 3 is now available for download from your subscription portal.

Macromedia Flash UI Components Set 5

As I posted earlier, the DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 (DRK 3) is available today. One of the highlights of DRK 3 is the Flash UI Components Set 5.

The new component set includes the following components:

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DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 is Available

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 (DRK 3) is avaliable today to DevNet Pro and DevNet Essentials subscribers. DRK 3 contains Flash, Dreamweaver and for the first time, complete ColdFusion content.

So what Flash content does it contain?

I have written a logged in article which discusses some of the highlights of DRK 3.

If you already have a DevNet Pro or DevNet Essentials Subscription you can download DRK 3 from your subscription portal later today.

Here are some links with more info:

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3

Subscribe to DevNet Essentials

DevNet Essentials Subscriptions

DevNet Pro Subscriptions

DRK 3 Sneak Peak?

I had forgotten that this page was on-line, but Waldo pointed out today that we have a page on the website which describes some of the content planned for the next DevNet Resource Kit (DRK 3).

You can view the info here.

I can’t give an more specifics on it, but I can say that it is only a sample of the content planned. Of course, FlashForward is going on this week, so there is no telling what new information may come out. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

What Content do you want to see on the next DRK?

DRK 3 is shaping up very nicely. We have all of the Flash components and some other cool stuff lined up, and I have some time to get some additional content together. So, what type of content do you want to see on the next DRK? Articles, sample applications, code libraries, etc..?

Post your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Be as general or as specific as you like.

DRK 1 : Stock Services Example Online

I have finally gotten around to putting up an example of the Stock Services sample application available on the Developer Resource Kit Volume 1.

The application uses Macromedia Flash, Flash Remoting, ColdFusion MX and the Flash Remoting Stock Services Library (available on DRK 1) to provide charts of historical stock information.

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DRK Component Documentation Online

The documentation for some of the Flash Components from the Developer Resource Kits is now online.

DataGrid Documentation from DRK 1.

Flash UI Component Set 4 Documentation from DRK 2.

I think we are still working on getting the other documentation up. I will post here when I find out more info.

FYI : DRK Promotion is about to end

Just a quick FYI, the Developer Resource Kit promotion (buy one get one half off) ends this Saturday (January 31, 2003). The promotion allows you to buy DRK 1, and then get DRK 2 for half price.

Below is a list of some of the Flash related content included on the DRK:

  • DataGrid Component
  • Media Controller Component
  • Sound Player Component
  • Flash movie player Component
  • Flash Streamer Component
  • Loading Box Component
  • Advanced Message Box Component
  • Tool Tip Component
  • Tool Tip Light Component
  • Rich Text Editor Component
  • Smart Combo Box Component
  • Advanced Calendar Component
  • Color Picker Component
  • Simple Menu Component
  • MyPhoto Flash Photo Application
  • Stock Services Flash Remoting Library
  • Email Services Flash Remoting Library
  • Sample Applications
  • Complete Offline Archive of DesDev Center from January to October 2002

There is also a ton of Dreamweaver MX and ColdFusion MX content included.

Here are the links for more info on DRK 1 and DRK 2.

You can find more info on the promotion here.