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Flash Resource Manager and Flash 8

As many of you have noticed, Flash Resource Manager does not work with Flash 8. This is because the path to the help files is hardcoded (at least for the first load) for Flash MX 2004.

I just played around with the source, and it was pretty easy for me to fix, so once I get the correct version of Visual Studio installed, I am going to try and update it so it will work with both Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8.

In the meantime, if you look in the install directory for the Flash Resource Manager, you should find a config directory with app.config file. This is an XML file that contains all of the settings for the app. You should be able to change the file paths here to get it to work correctly. I haven’t been able to get get this to work yet, but I wanted to post it here in case anyone wanted to try (post in the comments if you get it working).

UPDATE : Ritesh has confirmed in the comments that you can get it to work with Flash 8 by manually editing the config file.

UPDATE 2: I can’t get the app to work correct on the WIndows .NET 2.0 beta, so if you are having problems, that might be the issue.

New Version of Flash Resource Manager : Adds support for Flash 7.2

I have released a new version of my Flash Resource Manager for Windows. Among other things, this release adds support for Flash MX 7.2 (Ellipsis).

Here is a complete list of changes:

  • Added support for Flash MX 2004 7.2.
  • Added option to not view help files installed by extensions.
  • You can now set files as start page. You must enter a valid URI.
  • Added home page link to go menu.
  • Latest News link in go menu now goes to latest news, and not home page.
  • Added version support to application settings. The application will only load settings if the settings were created by the same version of the application.

You can download the new version, as well as find out more information here.

Flash Resource Manager Video Tutorials has posted a couple of video tutorials on my Flash Resource Manager application.

The tutorials show:

  • Installation
  • Feature overview
  • Customization
  • Searching
  • Creating custom search plugins

You can view the tutorials here.

You can find more information about Flash Resource Manager from here.

Tutorial : Using Flash Resource Manager with Flex Docs

Owen Van Dijk has put together a step by step tutorial showing how to use the Flash Resource Manager to read the Flex docs.

This will also work with other HTML based docs, such as ColdFusion.

You can view the entire tutorial here.

You can find out more about Flash Resource Manager here.

Flash Resource Manager Updated / Flex and ColdFusion Support

I have released a new version of my Flash Resource Manager application. It includes a bunch of bug fixes, as well as the ability to highlight the search term in search results, and support for Livedoc based HTML docs (Flex, CF and Central have been tested).

Here is the change Log

  • Added ability to add Macromedia HTML based docs (tested with Flex, ColdFusion and Central)
  • Added Preferences > Help to manage, add and edit which HTML docs are included.
  • Added Flash HowTo help books to default install.
  • Added ability to search documents from the help tree context menu (will search for currently selected item).
  • Added ability to search plugins from the help tree context menu (will search for currently selected item).
  • Fixed bug where application window would not always have focus when launched.
  • Added preference to toggle the collapsed state of a node when it is clicked.
  • Fixed bug where regular expression check box was being ignore in searches (all searches were treated as regular expressions)
  • Fixed bug where items were added to search filter even if index file was invalid. (Thanks Jason Merrill)
  • Moved Flash docs to be contained within top level folders / nodes.
  • Added ability to toggle which top level Flash documents / books are available (View > Preferences > Help).
  • Improved start up time
  • Search terms will now be highlighted when viewing search results (this is currently an experimental feature).
  • Added back / forward browser buttons (I will implement browser features better in future releases)
  • removed toolbar layout persistence into separate file. This should not be edited by hand.

You can find more information, view screenshots, and download the application from here.

Flash Resource Manager : Flex / CF support

Here is a sneak peak of the next beta build of my Flash Resource Manager application.

This screen shot shows the new support for Macromedia HTML based help (in this case Flex, ColdFusion and Central).

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Flash Resource Manager Updated

I have just uploaded an updated to the Flash Resource Manager. This version includes a couple of fixes for users running non-English versions of Flash.


  • Added ability to automatically determine Flash Authoring language
  • Fixed problems with parsing non-English help XML documents

Note : You should no longer need to resave your help XML files into the correct encoding type.

If you are running an English version of Flash, there is not need to install this version.

It is recommended that you first un-install the previous version and then install the new version.

You can download the new version from here.

If you run into any issues, post them in the comments here.

Flash Resource Manager

As I posted last week, I have been playing around (in my free time) with building a small app for viewing the Flash documentation outside of the Flash IDE. Well, the first public version of the Flash Resource Manager is now available.

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Sneak Peak : Flash Resource Manager

I have been working on a new app in my free time over the past couple of weeks, and am getting close to finishing up the first version. I thought that I would post some screenshots, and give a sneak preview of it.

The application is basically a standalone Flash Help panel and resource finder. Here are some beta screenshots:

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