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New Flash MX Content at

We have released tons of new Flash MX articles, resources and content on the:
Macromedia Designer and Developer Center
This releases theme focuses on E-Learning and the new:
Education and E-Learning Development Center

JD’s article should be required reading for everyone before they ask a question online.
Btw, if there are any particular articles that you would like to see, post the topic in the comments.

New Flash MX resource at Macromedia

We have published some new Flash MX resources at the Designer and Developer Center. Not as much Flash content as usual, but we have launched a number of new topic pages for:

Here is the Flash related content:

Check them out.

New Flash MX Resources at

Its that time again, the Macromedia Designer and Developer Center has been updated with new Flash MX content and Resources. While this is not the largest release we have had, I think that it has some of the coolest and most original content. Make sure to check out the Asteroids article, and the character animation article.
Macromedia Designer and Developer Center
In particular, we have a lot of new content on the:
Flash Application Development Center

Flash Communication Server MX Application Development Center

Lots of new Resource at today. Today we premier the Flash Communication Server Application Development center, and thus have tons of resources on using the new server.

Macromedia Application Development Center for ASP.NET

We have launched a new development center for Macromedia tools and ASP.NET. The Macromedia Application Development Center for ASP.NET is similar to our Java Development center, and contains article on using Flash and Dreamweaver with ASP.NET.
Watch the center in the future for more ASP.NET and Flash information.

New Mobile Development Center at

This week we are premiering the Mobile Development Center at the Macromedia Designer and Developer Center. That means there is tons of new content and resources at

New Flash MX Resources at

In addition to the all of of content related to the Pet Market Blueprint application, we have also released a ton of additional Flash MX content and resources at the Macromedia Flash MX Application Development Center. I have included the Flash specific articles from the Pet Market Blueprint application center.

Macromedia Blueprint Application Center : Pet Market

Macromedia has released the Macromedia MX Pet Market Blueprint Application and Center. The Pet Market Blueprint application is an online store for a fictional pet retailer similar to the Java™ Pet Store released by Sun and the Microsoft .NET Pet Shop.


Development Process

Check out the application and let us know you comments, questions and suggestions by posting them in the forum, or through the feedback form.

Flash and Director Resource Center

We have just updated the Macromedia Flash and Director Resource Center with lots of resources on integrating Flash and Director.
You can view the center here.

Everything you ever wanted to know about components (but were afraid to ask)

Want to learn about components? Want to learn everything about components? Below is a list of some of the best, and most useful articles, tutorials and resources covering all aspects of using, creating and understand components.
Learn about components

Talk about components

Argue about components

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