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Do Apollo and WPF compete with each other?

Im going to try to keep this post short (I have a bunch of other posts I need to work on tonight), but this question came up during Apollo Camp.

Do Apollo and WPF compete?

The answer that I have, and am posting here is that, no, I don’t think that they do.

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Apollo Camp Photos

You can find a ton of photos from Apollo Camp that have been posted to Flickr by searching for all images tagged with apollocamp.

ApolloCamp Twitter Account

As part of Apollo Camp tonight, we will have an Apollo Camp Twitter account to make it easy for anyone to leave messages, ask questions, or make comments on Apollo Camp and / or the current sessions.

Here is the info:

In order to participate, create and login to your Twitter account, and add the apollocamp account as a friend (linked on the right side of the page of the URL above).

You can then view all of the Twitters by visiting:

To send a message, comment or question about Apollo, Apollo Camp or individual sessions, simply make a Twitter status update, and prepend your update with “@ApolloCamp” For example:

@ApolloCamp Drank too much RedBull and Coffee, but enjoying the File API session.

Btw, we are still testing our Twitter display app (which Danny Dura is building), so you may see some test posts for the next hour or so.

Btw2, thanks to the guys over Twitter for helping us with a few things to get this working.

MXNA Apollo Camp Smart Category

Just a quick fyi, but I created a temporary Apollo Camp Smart Category at MXNA. Check it out if you want to catch the latest posts about Apollo Camp.

You can subscribe the the RSS feed here.

Apollo Camp Update

Only 2 days left until Apollo Camp. I wanted to make a quick post with some updates.

First, Apollo Camp is sold out and we already have a long waiting list. We will not be adding new people as we are already pretty tight on space. Don’t worry though if you cant make it. We will post videos of all sessions on, and are talking about doing additional Apollo Camps this summer.

We have updated and finalized the agenda. You can view the entire schedule on the Apollo Camp page. One important note is that we will server dinner / food from 5 – 6PM now. We will have snacks and drinks throughout the entire event.

I also updated the Apollo Camp page with Flickr and Twitter information. If you take images related to Apollo Camp and upload them to Flickr, make sure to tag them with “apollocamp“.

We have also setup an Apollo Camp Twitter account (actually Ryan Stewart set it up, and let us use it). We will use this during the conference to host the back channel chatter, as well as feedback and questions on the sessions. I will post some more on this later.

Doors open at 5, and the first session starts at 5:45. Try to get there around 5 PM so you have time to get something to eat. Make sure to bring your laptop, and maybe we will have something for everyone to play around with. We will have wireless available, and as many power strips as we can muster.

If you follow my weblog, then you know that I have been playing around with shooting video’s showing off Apollo and Flex. While I am in no way a video professional, I like doing the videos as I think they are a lot clearer (especially when discussing something visual).

Anyways, I have been posting them to google video, and then blogging them here, but I haven’t been too happy with that. The video quality at google video is not what I would like, and there is not one place to link and index all of the videos.

So, I, along with Ted Patrick, put together a site to host all of the videos that we have been shooting. The site is, and has just launched. I made a post over on the site which provides some more information, and have already post a couple of videos. Make sure to check out the demo that Ely Greenfield gives. It is amazing.

Anyways, I am really excited about the site, and have a backlog of videos to encode and post (not too mention all of the sessions from Apollo Camp).

You can find more information, as well as view the site here.

Example Code for 360Flex Apollo Session

During my Apollo overview session at 360Flex, I built a simple HTML editor that provided live preview and allowed the HTML to save to the desktop. It is a pretty simple app, but it shows an example of using both the File API in Apollo as well as HTML.

I mentioned in the session that I would post it online, so here it is:

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Help ScaleNine Design an Apollo T-Shirt

The guys over at ScaleNine are looking for some input on what they should put on their custom silk screen Apollo t-shirts they are making.

You can post your suggestions here.

ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 Cheatsheet

Sean Moore has just posted a useful ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 Migration Cheatsheet.

You can check it out here.

Quick Apollo Update / Labs Release

The Apollo team is heads down working on finishing up the first public alpha release build for labs. I wanted to give a quick update on where we are, as well as provide some information about the labs release.

The first release on labs will be an alpha release. This means that the build will not be feature complete, and those features implemented may not be completely implemented (such as the windowing API). It also means that there will be bugs (make sure to check out the release notes before you play around with it).

Secondly, the first labs release will be targeted at Flex developers. HTML developers will be able to start building applications, but we won’t have HTML focused docs, and some of the HTML specific features are not as far along as some of the other features. The second labs release in the summer will be targeted at HTML developers.

We are really excited to see what developers do with Apollo, and can’t wait to finally get it into everyone’s hands.

Keep an eye on the Apollo section of Labs and my weblog for the latest info.