Fresh Apollo HTML based Aggregator uses Ext JS Library

One of the sample apps that we have made available from the Apollo labs site, is an RSS aggregator built entirely in HTML / JavaScript and CSS named Fresh. This is a pretty cool application, and really demonstrates how you can use HTML in Apollo to build desktop applications.

We have been showing this a lot over the past couple of days (at Apollo Camp and webDU), and have been incorrectly saying that the Yahoo UI library was used to create the app. This is incorrect, and was a mistake on the speakers (mostly my) part. It actually is built using the Ext JS JavaScript Library and Components toolkit.

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Teknision on Apollo and Branded Applications

The guys over at Teknision (they built the Finetune Apollo application) have written up some of their thoughts on Apollo, and what they feel its real impact and value will be.

Online applications that are pin point targeted to provide a specific service generate intensely loyal fans. Apollo will give us the ability to extend these applications deeper into the user’s lives by making them part of their operating environment.

You can read the entire article here. Alpha for Apollo

Check it out. just launched a alpha version of yourminis for the desktop. This runs on top of Apollo, and along with Finetune, is a must have Apollo application.

Really good experience. I think the coolest thing about is that you can have the widget on your yourminis page, embedded in your own website via HTML, and now on your desktop, via Apollo.

I also just posted the video for the yourminis session at Apollo Camp.

You can find more information here.

Kevin Lynch on Apollo Alpha

Kevin Lynch (Chief Software Architect at Adobe) has posted some of his thoughts on the Apollo Alpha over on his weblog, which which he gives some insight into Adobe’s thinking around Apollo.

You can read the entire post here.

Simple Apollo Offline Caching Example

I have put together a very simple example of how to download and cache items to the files system. This can be useful if your application needs to work offline, or if you want to optimize performance and don’t want to have to keep downloading the same assets over and over.

This example uses some of the caching classes from my Ascension mp3 player, and required the corelib library.

Here is the code for the app:

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Apollo Camp Videos

We had a video crew out at Apollo Camp on Friday night to record all of the sessions. We will be posting the sessions through out the week to

We just posted the first video, which is the Apollo Camp keynote session by Kevin Lynch.

Apollo Alpha Release Notes

Hot of the presses. Intro to Apollo Videos posted online

A couple of weeks ago I spent a couple of days down at the offices to put together a complete video overview / introduction to Apollo.

Well, the videos have just been posted and you can check them out for free from

These cover everything you need to know to get started with Apollo development.

Apollo Coders Mailing List

If you want to discuss Apollo application development with other developers, then check out the Apollo Coders mailing list.

Apollo Alpha Available on Labs

You can grab it from here.

Make sure to check out all of the resources and sample apps on the Apollo Labs Wiki.

I have written up a logged in article which gives an overview of this release.