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Twitter AS3 API

Twitter has an ActionScript 3 API. Cool stuff.

Update : Looks like they have uploaded an old, pre-release version of the API, so this does not currently compile. I’m trying to get some more info on what is going on.

ActionScript 3 and AVM 2.0 Performance Tuning Slides

Ted Patrick has posted a TON of slides from a component developer summit held at Adobe a couple of weeks ago. One (of the many) that caught my eye was this presentation by Gary Grossman (one of main engineers who worked on the new AVM in the player):

ActionScript 3 and AVM 2.0 Performance Tuning (pdf)

This goes into some depth on how the AVM works, and some performance tricks (i.e. casting array indexes to INT).

Make sure to check out the other slides, including presentations on Flex internals, components, and architecture. You can view them all here.

You can view the slides for the Apollo presentation that I did, here.

Commodore 64 Emulation in Flash 9 Beta 3

Darron Schall and Claus Wahlers have been working on a Commodore 64 emulator written in ActionScript 3 (and targeting Flash Player 9).

Darron just posted that they have actually gotten a boot screen working, which is a pretty significant milestone. As Darron noted in his post:

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ActionScript 3 Reserved Words

Posting here so I can quickly find it in the future.

List of ActionScript 3 Reserved Words.