Submitting Issues and Feature Requests

What can you do if you think you found a bug or have an idea for improving Acrobat 3D, or for that matter, any other Adobe software or service? You can submit feedback directly to Adobe using an online form and hearing about technical issues and product/service suggestions is extremely valuable in helping us make our software perform better and it won’t take you very much time…

Often people encounter problems with software and are not sure what to do to get help resolving issues. There are different options depending on the maintenance and support (M&S) plan you or you company may have purchased. Your M&S plan may range from ‘none’ to ‘enterprise support’. For those folks who do not have an M&S support plan, there are various free public online forums where members provide each other support and many people from Adobe participate and help as time permits. I participate in the Adobe Acrobat User Community which can be found here.

If you have uncovered a bug, want to let us know about an idea you have for a product feature, or have some other suggestion for ways we can improve the software, please use this submittal form.

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