Adobe Website Redesign – Acrobat 3D ‘Cool Stuff’

The entire Adobe website has undergone a significant overhaul including the Acrobat 3D section. In addition to rearranging the navigation tools and existing content to make it easier to find the information and resources from the old site, there’s a lot more new content available. I’ve compiled a list of links within the new site that anyone looking to research Acrobat 3D may find useful …

Acrobat 3D Product Page

The top page of the new Acrobat 3D section.

Acrobat 3D ‘Evaluation Center’

The first area to check out is the new Acrobat 3D ‘Evaluation Center‘ where you will find demos, presentations, archived online seminars and an Interactive Simulator’ (A3D-IS).

Acrobat 3D Interactive Simulator

The A3D-Interactive Simulator enables you to learn about and try out Acrobat 3D without installing it on your machine. (It elegantly performs this trick by leveraging the interactive capabilities of Adobe Flash.) There are several modules that range from 3 to 12 minutes in duration. Access does not require purchase though you will need to register and create a login ID. Modules topics include the following:

  • Converting PDF Files (12 min.)
  • What is PMI Data? (12 min.)
  • PMI Data Using Translation (7 min.)
  • PMI Data Using Capture (4 min.)
  • Tree Manipulation (10 min.)
  • View Manipulation (4 min.)
  • Rendering (5 min.)
  • Measurement (7 min.)
  • 3D Cross Sections (4 min.)
  • Comment and Markup (3 min.)
  • 2D Web Review (4 min.)
  • 3D Web Review (10 min.)
  • Exporting PDF Files (STEP/IGES) (12 min.)

Acrobat 3D Online Discussion Forum

There are different online forums and user groups that enable you to talk with other folks interested in Acrobat 3D. There is an Adobe Forum for Acrobat 3D as well as an Acrobat Online User Group that has multiple forums including one devoted to 3D (you will have to have a login ID to access the last link). They also have an ‘Ask an Expert‘ forum that I and some other ‘experts’ around here monitor and help with aswering 3D related questions.

Sample 3D PDFs

Most everyone asks if there are sample PDFs with 3D content available for download. You will find over 20 PDF files here that with examples of 3D content from the automotive, aerospace, machinery, eletronics, architecture, engineering and construction industries and some that have examples of technical publications with 3D interactive content.

Free 30 Day Trial

If you would like to try Acrobat 3D, you can download a 30 day free trial here.

Developer Information

There are many, many methods for customizing and/or extending the capabilities of Acrobat 3D including embedding javascript code in your pdf focuments, buliding plug-ins for Acrobat 3D, or even programmatically generating PDF files with 3D content. Developers interested in this type of flexibility and control can find documenation for the Acrobat javascript api, Acrobat plug-in SDK’s, and the PRC specification here.

PDF Format Specification

If you want to really take a deep look at the structure of the PDF file format, the entire PDF specification is published and available here.

Requesting Features and Reporting Bugs

If you have a suggestion for a new feature or (unspeakable horror!) you think you’ve uncovered a bug, please, please do not hesitate to let us know. You will find an online form here.

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