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Apologies to the RSS Subscribers!

If you are subscribed to this blog via an RSS reader, I would like to apologize for all the updates to the entries today. I recently replaced my PC and resulting ripple of software updates continues to move through my entire workflow process. I had to install new versions of all the applications I use, including Adobe’s Contribute CS 3 for editing this blog, and just noticed that the commenting feature was not activated for blog entries. And so now it is… So, you shouldn’t see so many of these updates to the same articles going forward.

How light is light?


During the panel discussions on ‘Proprietary lightweight 3D formats and standards: A collision course?” at the 2008 CIC Conf
that Longview Advisors
hosted earlier this month in Denver many of the audience’s questions and the resulting discussion touched on ‘what really is a lightweight 3D format for and when should you use it?’ In thinking about it and talking with some of the other folks on the panel, it occured to me that it would be useful to look back at why the lightweight formats were introduced in the first place and how the external constraints driving the requirements for ‘lightweight’ have changed over time.

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PTC World Conference

I will be heading to the 2008 PTC World Conference in Long Beach, CA next week where Adobe will have a booth in the vendor fair (no. 403) and I will present on Adobe’s technology platform and how it works with Wildfire and can help extend the reach of Windchill. The session is part of the Windchill technical track and scheduled for Monday, June 1 at 5:15 Pacific Standard Time in room 104C in the Long Beach conference center.

2008 Collaboration and Interoperability Conference

The 2008 Collaboration and Interoperability Conference held in Denver, CO this year was a great success. My colleague Doug Halliday and I attended and in looking back I honestly can say it was one of the best events in recent memory.

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Acrobat 3D eSeminar presentation posted


Jonathan Bowman and I presented an hour long eSeminar yesterday on how Acrobat 3D can help manufacturing companies accelerate collaboration by making it easy to aggregate product information, including 3D assemblies, into a single, secure PDF. As promised (but a little delayed) I am posting the presentation. The last page contains a set of links you can use to find more information about Acrobat 3D….

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